Why certainty about God is overrated – USATODAY.com

Why certainty about God is overrated – USATODAY.com.

Here is another great text about faith and (it’s opposite, i.e.) certainty. This time John Polkinhorne is in the centre of the conversation. Here is an (intriguinging) quote:

‘Polkinghorne doesn’t know for sure that there is a God. And yet, when he was at the top of his game in physics at Cambridge in 1979, he left the laboratory studying one unseen reality for the seminary to study another unseen reality. He became a priest in the Anglican Church. In addition to believing that quarks exist, he believes in a God who is driven by love to continuously create a world that is beautiful. For him, the theories that have God in them work. But he doesn’t really know for sure. And he’s OK with that.’

Quarks and Creation: John Polkinghorne on the Complementary Nature of Science and Religion

Rev Dr. John Polkinghorne

There is a fierce debate these days between those more of less inclined towards fundamentalism among Evangelicals, and those advocating a more nuanced and less literalistic understanding, especially as it reflects on the relationship between science and religion, with the creation vs. evolution debate (sometimes via Intelligent Design Theory) as its main focus.

Everybody, from bridge engineers (like Henry Morris) to theologians (like Al Mohler, see the winter 2011 issue of his seminary magazine), feel they are competent to deal, the more dogmatically the better, with the complicated matters involved in this debate. Continue reading “Quarks and Creation: John Polkinghorne on the Complementary Nature of Science and Religion”