Report of the 2nd CS Lewis Symposium, Iasi University, 6-7 Nov 2014


Dear friends,

As I have already well started the journey of facing the challenges of this new year I cannot think almost every day of the necessity of writing some thoughts (it has taken long enough to let them settling down!) regarding the second edition of the C. S. Lewis Symposium that took place in November, at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi.

My heart is full of gratitude, first of all, that through this ministry, the Lord has brought in my life so many wonderful people and the mere fact that I am connected in so many ways with you is amazing! Thank you for all the encouragement and support, for caring, praying and helping in any way. It is a blessing that transcends all my desires and imagination!  The words are weak and fail as always when we tend to speak about God’s grace.

This time the symposium was a harder battle, hard enough to let me, after many months of working hard, knocked down for a while! But, it ended up in being a great event, much appreciated by the professors and students from the University and by all the other participants.

I will just remind you that because I am in a PhD program on C. S. Lewis in The English Department of The University of Iasi I was granted the privilege to organize a Symposium in 2013, with the occasion of the 50th anniversary of C. S. Lewis’s death. Through God’s blessing, the event was so successful that the English Department decided to have a second edition, which took place in November, last year. In addition, an entire issue of the Lingua Culture journal, was devoted to C. S. Lewis. Continue reading “Report of the 2nd CS Lewis Symposium, Iasi University, 6-7 Nov 2014”

Simpozionul C. S. Lewis de la Iasi – Fotoreportaj – ziua intiia – UPDATE


Simpozionul C.S. Lewis de la Universitatea din Iasi a fost initiativa doamnei Denise Vasiliu, doctorand al acestei universitati, si a fost o reusita din toate punctele de vedere. Evident, organizarea unui asemenea eveniment academic a solicitat o munca asidua de echipa, precum si sustinerea deplina a conducerii universitatii.


In cele ce urmeaza va prezint un rezumat al simpozionului si impresiile mele asupra acestuia. Imi cer ietrare anticipat pentru calitatea redusa a imaginilor, dar a avut la dispozitie un aparat foto modest si nu am vrut sa deranjez miscindu-ma in sala pentru a cauta unghiurile cele mai favorabile. Sper sa ma iertati pentru asta. Daca mai tirziu voi obtine fotografii mai bune, de la cei care le-au facut cu aparate profesioniste, sper sa le pot inlocui.

UPDATE – Asa cum am promis, am obtinut citeva fotografii mai bune si le inlocuiesc pe ale mele in aceasta versiune revizuita. Multumesc lui Florin Vasiliu pentru ajutor. Continue reading “Simpozionul C. S. Lewis de la Iasi – Fotoreportaj – ziua intiia – UPDATE”

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