The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment – Chapter 8

The discipline of spiritual discernment

Chapter 8 – The Dangers of Discernment

by Danut Manastireanu, World Vision International

We can learn a few lessons on discerning what is false from what is genuine, from the process used in banks for identifying false banknotes. In principle, the process does not concentrate so much on studying the false ones, but on getting familiar, experientially, with the genuine article.

The author is laying then before us a serious problem of perception in terms of discernment:

‘It is sad to say that the word discernment has negative connotations in the minds of many Christians and non-Christians alike, for those who claim to exhibit discernment are often those who lack love. Somehow the desire to defend the truth seems to overshadow the ability to exhibit love. Truth and love are brought into conflict rather than being equally present.’

In light of this, the author discusses ten potential risks run by those involved in discernment. Here they are (some of the labels used are mine): Continue reading “The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment – Chapter 8”

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