Church of Scotland – The Inheritance of Abraham. A Report on the ‘Promised Land’

Church of Scotland

The report attached below, which was published recently on the website of the Church of Scotland, was subsequently removed from the site, most probably at the pressure of the Jewish lobby in Great Britain, and replaced with the following statement:

The Church of Scotland and representatives of the Jewish Community in Scotland and the United Kingdom, held useful discussions facilitated by the Council of Christians and Jews this afternoon (Thursday 8 May). We agreed that the drafting of the report published by the Church and Society Council for discussion at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has given cause for concern and misunderstanding of its position and requires a new introduction to set the context for the report and give clarity about some of the language used. Continue reading “Church of Scotland – The Inheritance of Abraham. A Report on the ‘Promised Land’”

US AID Freeze Is ‘Punishing’ Disabled Children in West Bank

Press Release from BibleLands.

The narrative that says that ‘the-Palestinians’-decision-to-go-to-the-UN-is-a-form-of-diplomatic-terrorism-that-cannot-go-unpunished,’ cultivated for months by the AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee), Israeli diplomats, and most of the American Jewish and right-wing Christian community, has firmly taken root.

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy