Israel Continues Deporting Jerusalem Palestinian Christians

Yesterday fifteen people were stranded at Alenby/King Hussein bridge on the River Jordan, where at the end, four of them were sent back to Jerusalem, to the Ministry of Interior just to tell them; You are no more eligible to live in Jerusalem… your city, where you were born and lived all these years, where your grand fathers were, because today we have no space for you… Jews are coming from every where and they need your space. The family of 4 , a father , two sons and one daughter were given a travel document for one time use , for one way direction… out of Jerusalem, out of Palestine.

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Bernard Sabella – On the Occasion of A Nonending Occupation

Dr. Bernard Sabella

Jerusalem, 3 June 2010

Forty three years have passed since the June war of 1967 and sixty two years have elapsed since the 1948 war. The question today remains: where are we at in terms of ending the Arab-Israeli conflict and moving forward towards different relationships not simply between Palestinians and Israelis but throughout the Middle East. The answers are grim indeed. Instead of containing the conflict, Israel’s perpetual obsession with security and the industry created around it, whether in the military, media, diplomatic circles or in presentations aimed at convincing the Israeli population and others across the world of Israel as victim and candidate for eradication seems destined to lead Israel from one war into another. As witnessed in the recent tragic episode of the Gaza Flotilla taken over by Israeli commandoes, the Israeli action and its aftermath made out of the Turkish people a hostile nation.

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Green light for Jerusalem settlers

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