Jarrod McKenna – Live Life – Week 3: Serve

Jarrod McKenna – Live Life – Week 2: Prayer

Jarrod McKenna – Live Life – Week 1: Fast

Have you ever felt fully alive? Jarrod McKenna takes a deeper look at this week’s challenge (http://blog.worldvisionyouth.org/2013…) to fast by inviting us to find our calling through Jesus’ walkabout in the desert.

Watch this video and then share what you will reject through fasting this week on global sharing platform at http://www.worldvisionyouth.org/

World Vision would like to thank Jarrod McKenna (https://www.facebook.com/Jarrodandmates) for his improv’d homiletics, David Gungor from “The Brilliance” (http://thebrilliancemusic.com) for providing the ‘sound’ of Easter in Lent and Julian Masters & the crew at PopHD (http://julianmasters.com.au) for capturing the visuals and production.

Live Life is a six-week journey, beginning 13 February, to explore what it means to truly live a full life, as God intended us to live. To join Live Life, sign up at http://livelife.worldvisionyouth.org

Jarrod McKemma – Live Life

I am sharing quite late this video that my friend Jarrod McKenna – whom I have been able to see again recently in Georgia – prepared for the Live Life Lent initiative of World Vision youth work.

However, since some of my Romania Orthodox friends are still observing Lent, this may still be helpful

Do You Hear the People Sing? M.L. King & Les Misérables’ case for a Socialism of Grace – Red Letter Christians

Do You Hear the People Sing? M.L. King & Les Misérables’ case for a Socialism of Grace – Red Letter Christians.

My friend Jarrod McKenna is trying (again) to stir up the pot.

By putting the word Christian alongside such demonised terms of ‘socialist’, let alone ‘anarchist’) I am sure he is not going to make too many friends among mainstream American evangelicals (the so-called ‘Religious Right), the Anglicans in Sydney, the Gospel Coalition neo-reformed fundameentalists, or their British counterparts in the Proclamation Trust.

Yet, we need to hear his prophetic words, as much as we may hate them (and not admit it).

Thanks to Jarrod McKenna fir this picture.

For an interview with philosopher and theologian Dr Cornel West, featured in this picture, go HERE.



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Jarrod McKenna – What Do You Stand For?

I thank Scot McKnight for this link. I was glad to see that Scot knows Jarrod too. Continue reading “Jarrod McKenna – What Do You Stand For?”

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