ENInews ¦ Methodists Express Repentance for Massacre of Native Americans

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In 1864, a massacre of Native Americans, by a group of whites led by a Methodist minister, took place at the Sand Creek near Eads, Colorado.

These days, the United Methodist Church’s General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns, based in New York City, announced that it has donated U.S. $50,000 to the National Park Service for developing a center at the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. The donation will be used to fund research materials and other public education initiatives.


In 1941, a pogrom took place in the city of Iasi, Romania, and thousands of Jews died at the hands of Romanian soldiers and civilians, instigated by German army, but also by Orthodox priests brainwashed by the fascist  and nationalist ideology of the Iron Guard.

What is the Romanian Orthodox Church planning to do in order to atone for these heinous crimes, now that the 70th anniversary of this massacre is drawing near?

The answer is NOTHING. And the sad reason is that a large percentage of Orthodox clerics, bishops included, and even the most enlightened in the new generation of young Orthodox intellectuals are sometimes secretly, but often overtly sympathetic of that criminal philetistic and hetetical ideology.

Ideas kill. And they may kill again.

May God have mercy on Romania!