Michael Leunig – Spirituality, Art & Innocence

Leunig - Direction Finding Duck
Leunig – Direction Finding Duck

In a world that seems determined to go faster and faster each day; at breakneck speed for no reasons other than greed and fear, it is interesting and wise to wonder in the traditional way if our world is going mad and falling apart like never before – and that we are all caught up in this peculiar disintegration.

Nothing can be loved at speed, and I think we might be looking at the loss of love in the world due to the increased velocity of ordinary life; the loss of care, skill and attention enough to ensure the health and happiness of each other and the planet earth. It is a baffling problem and governments seem unable to recognize it, or do much about it at present.

To put it as a bleak modern metaphor, there may be moments when we feel we are all aboard an airliner being flown into a mountainside by the unstoppable forces of an incomprehensible madness.  Now seems like a good time to talk about spirituality, art and innocence.

Why do I choose to put together this wonderful holy trinity of spirituality, art and innocence? Why do I feel so mystified, yet so at home and secure with these three ideas? Why the need to try and illuminate my ever deepening ideas about them, and yet enjoy watching them disappear beneath the depths of understanding or into the cloud of unknowing? Continue reading “Michael Leunig – Spirituality, Art & Innocence”

Richard Rohr on Original Innocence

Jesus said, “I will not leave you orphaned” (John 14:18). Faith is to trust that an intrinsic union exists between us and God. Contemplation is to experience this union. The path of fall and return is how we experience this union as pure grace and free gift.

There is a necessary movement between the two ends of the divine/human axis, between one’s core and the core of God. The only real sin is to doubt, deny, or fail to experience this basic axial connection. If you don’t have some small mirrors (partners, friends, and lovers) that are telling you you’re good, it’s very hard to believe in the Big Goodness. Continue reading “Richard Rohr on Original Innocence”