The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited 2

I would contend there is a minimal difference in correlation between evangelical children and teenagers who make a decision for Christ and who later become genuine disciples, and Roman Catholics who are baptized as infants and who as adults become faithful and devout Catholic disciples. I am fully aware of the pointedness of this accusation, directed as it is at us who have for years contended that we are saved while Roman Catholics are (or may) not (be), but I am trying to make just that point. I’m not convinced our system works much more effectively than theirs. I am happy to be proven wrong, but being wrong here won’t change the central challenges of this book. One more point: focusing youth events, retreats, and programs on persuading people to make a decision disarms the gospel, distorts numbers, and diminishes the significance of discipleship. Continue reading “The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited 2”

The Modern Debate about Infant Baptism – An Anglican Perspective

William G. Witt published some time ago on his blog a very informative in-depth discussion of the modern debates around the sacrament of baptist, infant or otherwise. The text in PDF form can be downloaded HERE.

Witt argues that there are at least five factors that contribute to the legitimacy  of reopening the discussion on the meaning of the sacrament of Baptism:

1. The position of the modern church over against a post-Constantinian culture

2. The collapse of the Augustinian doctrine of “original guilt” Continue reading “The Modern Debate about Infant Baptism – An Anglican Perspective”

Non sermoni res – An Anglican blog worth exploring

William G. Witt

I have published recently HERE a blog post on defining Anglicanism, having as a starting point a blog post by Carson Clark, another Evangelical turned Anglican, like me.

Reacting to some discussions on Facebook around this subject and a fierce attack on Carson Clark by Robin Jordan, and Anglican fundamentalist (yes, there is such a thing as Anglican fundamentalism; the devil continues to disguise himself as an angel of light even among Anglicans, not only on the left – if you know what I mean, but also on the right) – Jordan is the author of the Anglicans Ablaze blog, my colleague Perry Mansfield, another former Evangelical traveling on the ‘Canterbury trail’ recommended me the blog of William G Witt. As you can see in his short life story at the link under his picture, Bill is himself a former Baptist that became an Anglican, mostly in dialogue with Catholicism. Continue reading “Non sermoni res – An Anglican blog worth exploring”

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