Human Rights Day – Human Rights Concern Us All

Richard Rohr – Letting Go: A Spirituality of Subtraction – 7 – Free People Are Dangerous

Church and state cannot deal with free people… A self protective system is asking whether you are a company person, not whether you are a kingdom person.

Comment – This is a tough issue. No surprise Luther felt compelled to postulate his dualistic understanding of the Christian being pulled simultaneously (kind of like standing on two boats, each going in a different direction). No need to insist on the anomalies that this understanding has created in earlier of more recent history (ex. the support given by many German Lutherans to the Nazi regime; or that of most Polish Baptists to the communist regime, in their fight against the common ‘enemy’, the Catholics). In reality, our dual citizenship (earthly and heavenly) puts us in an impossible situation, in eclesial terms, as well as in our professional life, a dilemma that the dualistic mind cannot solve. Only a non-dualistic mindset, inclined to synthesis, rather than thesis-antithesis, can take us out of this conundrum. Yet, from a first half of life perspective, people who are free to think and act based on the synthesis principle appear to be confused, contradictory, if not straight disloyal to their earthly commitment. Being a company person and being a Kingdom person do not have to be exclusive of each other. Yet, at critical intersections in life, we may need to make painful choices. What would you chose?

Liu Xiaobo – The Nobel Peace Prize 2010

The Nobel Prize Foundation annunced that Liu Xiaobo has been awarded

The Nobel Peace Prize 2010

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Obama in Cairo – A New Beginning – UPDATE!

Obama in Cairo
Obama in Cairo

Source: Der Spiegel

Presedintele Obama a tinut astazi, joi 4 iunie 2009, un important discurs la Universitatea din Cairo. El a fost descris ca oferta unui ‘nou inceput’ in relatiile dintre crestini si musulmani. Textul integral al discursului poate fi gasit AICI.

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Blog de istorie orala

istorie orala
Instantaneu din timpul seminarului

Workshopul de istorie orala de la Iasi, cu tema ‘Persecuţia Bisericii în România comunistă. Cazul Evanghelicilor organizat zilele acestea de Centrul de Istorie a Protestantismului din Romania, creat de Societatea Academica a Romanilor Evanghelici a fost ocazia aparitiei unui nou blog, initiat, cum s-ar fi putut altfel, de Alin Cristea.

Daca va intereseaza, il puteti gasi AICI.

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Time Running Out for Palestinian Christians

Fifty-six representatives of various Protestant and Catholic faiths — including several Baptists — wrote a letter June 4 applauding the president for making peace in the Holy Land a top priority, but warning that time is running out for a viable and peaceful two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church – Religious Freedom Report

The Kosova Evangelical Protestant Church (KPEC), the umbrella Evangelical organisation in this UN protectorate has published recently a report on religious freedom in this troubled land.

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