Five Signs of Hope in the New Year | Howard Snyder

Five Signs of Hope in the New Year | Howard Snyder.

Hope for 2015. This is worth reading


Howard Snyder – Why I Don’t Expect to Go to Heaven

Do you expect to ‘go to heaven after you die? Many people do. This is part of the vulgata in much of conservative Christianity. Howard Snyder, who is a radical Methodist theologian, believes this hope is misplaced and incompatible with biblical revelation.

Here is why he believes that will NOT ‘go to heaven’ when he dies:

1. Because when Jesus said “I go to prepare a place for you,” he didn’t mention heaven (John 14:2-4).

2. Because the “place” Jesus refers to in John 14 is only dimensionally, not geographically or spatially, distant from earth.

3. Because “the word was made flesh,” not just spirit (John 1:14). Continue reading “Howard Snyder – Why I Don’t Expect to Go to Heaven”

Howard Snyder on Church Planting – Five Biblical Ecological Insights

In this new blog post, Howard Snyder offers us five ‘ecological insights into church planting. here they are, in short:

1. Church planting is organic, based on principles of life, growth, and reproduction.

2. Organic church planting thrives on diversity so is inherently more open to cross-cultural witness and intercultural community that are more programmatic models. Continue reading “Howard Snyder on Church Planting – Five Biblical Ecological Insights”

Howard Snyder – Prayer for Sunday

Holy Spirit hovering over waters
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Blessed Holy Spirit, breath of God, I thank you that you still hover and breathe over the world you made. I praise and honor you today. Fill me anew with your grace that I may discern and follow your movement this day, I pray.


Howard Snyder – 14 Favorite Ways to Twist the Gospel


This comes from the last blog post of Howard Snyder, ‘formerly professor of the history and theology of mission, Asbury Theological Seminary (1996-2006); now engaged in research and writing in Wilmore, Kentucky. Professor of Wesley Studies, Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, 2007-2012. Formerly taught and pastored in São Paulo, Brazil; Detroit, Michigan; and Chicago, Illinois.
Howard Snyder’s main interest is in the power and relevance of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom for the world today and tomorrow. He has written on a range of topics including church history, cultural trends, globalization, worldviews, evangelism, and various cultural issues.’
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Here is the list:

1. Interpret the gospel primarily through Romans.

2. Focus solely on “personal salvation.”

3. Make heaven the goal. Continue reading “Howard Snyder – 14 Favorite Ways to Twist the Gospel”

E. Stanley Jones: Radical Saint with Feet of Clay

E. Stanley Jones: Radical Saint with Feet of Clay.

Howard Snyders’ tribute to E. Stanley Jones, one of my favourite spiritual authors.

Howard Snyder – Prayer for Friday

God bless the poor

O Lord, God of the poor, the oppressed, and the empty-handed, I worship you today for your compassion and constant love. Thank you that you hear the cry of the needy. Lord Jesus, help me to hear the cries of the poor today, and to engage in your work of setting captives free.