Romulus Balasz – Souvenirs de Iasi – trailer

A documentary that explores the story of Iasi pogrom through the traces remaining today in Romania.

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Version en Français :
Versiunea în română:

The Discretion of Nicholas Winton –

The Discretion of Nicholas Winton –

Sir Nicholas Winston is one of the unsang heroes of our time.

‘At the age of 105, Sir Nicholas Winton is still inclined toward self-effacement. He did what any normal human being would, only at a time when most of Europe had gone mad. A London stockbroker, born into a family of German Jewish immigrants who had changed their name from Wertheim and converted to Christianity, he rescued 669 children, most of them Jews, from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia in 1939. They came to Britain in eight transports. The ninth was canceled when Hitler invaded Poland on Sept. 1, 1939. The 250 children destined for it journeyed instead into the inferno of the Holocaust.’

Iasi, 24-25 ianuarie – Saptamina memoriei


Continue reading “Iasi, 24-25 ianuarie – Saptamina memoriei”

Rescue in Albania

A documentary film about the Jewish rescue in Albania during World War II. A story told by Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, who speak about the nobility of the Albanian people who put their own lives in danger in order to save those of their visitors. A touchy recollection of events and ordeals that Albanians and Jews went through before, during and after WWII. Produced by INIT.

Der Sipegel – Holocaust at Sea: The Lone Survivor of the ‘Struma’


The overloaded ship Struma anchored in Istanbul harbour (Source, Der Spiegel)

In 1942, a Soviet submarine in the Black Sea torpedoed and sank the Struma, a ship filled with almost 800 Jewish refugees headed from Romania to the Holy Land. David Stoliar, the lone survivor, agreed to share his story with SPIEGEL ONLINE.

David Stoliar’s neat house sits atop a hill on the edge of Bend, a small city in central Oregon. A few steps lead up to the front door. Stoliar’s wife, Marda, opens, followed by a happy beagle. “Come in,” she says cheerfully. “Come in.”

Her husband is waiting in the living room, surrounded by souvenirs and family photos. Stoliar, his light-blue eyes twinkling, appears much younger than 90. He laughs, chats about the weather, mentions the road conditions up on nearby Mount Hood. He’s making small talk, obviously, to avoid the actual topic of this visit.

David Stoliar needs time to bring his thoughts — and himself — all the way back to that night. He’s actually never discussed it before with a German reporter. “Nobody has asked me,” he says with a shrug, adding emphatically that, after this meeting, he won’t ever speak of it again — with no one, no matter what or where they’re from.

“Not a good memory,” Stoliar states matter-of-factly. “I just want to finish my life in peace.” Continue reading “Der Sipegel – Holocaust at Sea: The Lone Survivor of the ‘Struma’”

Scrisoare deschisa catre Presedintele Adacemiei Romane




Str. Vasile Adamache nr. 11, 030783 Bucureşti , sector 3 TEL/FAX: 0040213229554


Cod Fiscal 13022981



D-lui Preşedinte Ionel Haiduc

Am primit pe ziua de 15 februarie 2013 tocmai din Canada,o înregistrare a şedinţei desfăşurate în aula mare a ACADEMIEI ROMÂNE,purtând un titlu incitant,

“Bomba de la Academie”. Vizionarea înregistrării mi-a dovedit că titlul dat de media este pe deplin justificat.

În faţa plenului Academiei, a conducerii acestui înalt for ştiinţific, un profesor invitat din Germania, comunică “o mare descoperire ştiinţifică”. În România nu a existat Holocaust !

Aplauzele prelungite care au marcat încheierea expunerii şi lipsa oricărei obiecţii la comunicare, au evidenţiat acordul deplin al asistenţei. Continue reading “Scrisoare deschisa catre Presedintele Adacemiei Romane”

Suferinta, Durere, Solidaritate – Marturii si Arte

Federaţia Comunităţilor Evreieşti din România

Proiect cultural finanţat de Ministerul Culturii şi Patrimoniului Naţional

Conducerea Federaţiei Comunităţilor Evreieşti din România are onoarea de a vă invita să participaţi la evenimentul

“Suferinţă, durere, solidaritate – Mărturii şi Arte”,

dedicat Zilei Naționale de Comemorare a Holocaustului din România. Continue reading “Suferinta, Durere, Solidaritate – Marturii si Arte”

David Gushee – How Israel remembers the Holocaust

Ethics theologian David Gushee has written for ABP a very powerful reflection following his visit this summer in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Here are a few significant quotes:

As a scholar, I have long recognized the Holocaust for the grotesque and epochal evil that it was. Before I went to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories this summer, however, I had little idea how much its memory continues to play a role in the tragic conflict in that land. Continue reading “David Gushee – How Israel remembers the Holocaust”

Vernisajul expozitiei Destine intrerupte – in comemorarea victimelor pogromului de la Iasi

In aceasta dupa-amiaza de luni 27 iunie am participat la Muzeul Unirii din Iasi la vernisajul expozitiei Destine intrerupte, dedicata victimelor pogromului de la Iasi din 1941. Continue reading “Vernisajul expozitiei Destine intrerupte – in comemorarea victimelor pogromului de la Iasi”

UE a respins propunerea de condamnare a crimelor comunismului – UPDATE

Groapa comuna la inchisoarea NKVD din Vinitsa, Ukraina (sursa AICI)

Trist, dar previzibil, Comisia Europeana a respins cererea a sapte state foste comuniste, membre ale Uniunii Europene, de a se pune semn de egalitate intre crimele nazismului si cele ale comunismului.

Opozitia vine mai intii din partea statelor europene cu o prezenta masiva a fostelor de stinga, care s-ar simti condamnate in mod implicit de o asemenea identificare. Este clar ca ideologia comunista are inca piata buna in Europa de vest si ca actiunile de intoxicare ale KGB-ului din perioada razboiului rece aduc beneficii si acum, la peste 20 de ani de la incheierea acestuia. Continue reading “UE a respins propunerea de condamnare a crimelor comunismului – UPDATE”

L’hommage du monde aux victimes d’Auschwitz

L’entrée du camp Auschwitz-Birkenau (Photo: Le Figaro)

Des dirigeants d’une vingtaine de pays commémorent la libération du camp, il y a 65 ans.

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