Richard Rohr on Heaven and Hell

Even Pope John Paul II said at a Vatican conference on June 28, 1999 that heaven and hell were primarily eternal states of consciousness more than geographical places of later reward and punishment. We seem to be our own worst enemies, and we forget or deny things that are just too good to be true. The ego clearly prefers an economy of merit, where we can divide the world into winners and losers, to any economy of grace, where merit and worthiness lose all meaning. Continue reading “Richard Rohr on Heaven and Hell”


This is the teaser trailer for “Hellbound?” (, a feature-length documentary that takes an in-depth look at today’s highly contentious debate over the Christian doctrine of eternal punishment. Does hell really exist, and if so, what factors determine who ends up there? Written and directed by Kevin Miller (“Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” “Sex+Money,” “spOILed” and “With God On Our Side”), “Hellbound?” features interviews with an eclectic group of high profile authors, theologians, pastors, social commentators, musicians, exorcists and individuals who claim to have experienced the fires of hell firsthand. The film will hit theaters across North America in September 2012 through a combination of major metropolitan area theatrical runs and special event screenings.

No Phones in Church, Or…

NT Wright about Hell

Here is the transcription of this short video:

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The ‘Gospel’ of Hell

I would like to suggest that you take half an hour and read the shortest gospel, that of Mark. Then, watch again this clip (if you can stand it), asking yourself two questions:

1. is this ‘gospel’ of hell really compatible with the message of Jesus in the gospel that you have just read?

2. can you imagine Jesus screaming his message and trying to scare people with the flames of hell  in this manner?

Forget about the half truths uttered here. They are simply the smoke screen behind which the ugly beast of fundamentalism lurks.

With such ‘promoters’, who needs enemies? And you wonder why so many people turn away from church.

May God have mercy on us all!

Video: N.T. Wright on Bell & Hell « Musings of a Hard-Lining Moderate

Video: N.T. Wright on Bell & Hell « Musings of a Hard-Lining Moderate.

I suggest you should absolutely listen to this short comment on hell (and Rob Bell) by NT Wright. It’s brilliant and to the point. And, I am sure, the neo-fundamentalist neo-Reformed will hate it. Because it is true.

Thanks, Carson Clark.

Sermon – Not to condemn on Vimeo

Sermon – Not to condemn on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Sermon – Not to condemn on Vimeo.

My son’s latest sermon.

As he says, this is not for those faint hearted traditionalists. His allusions to the Rob Bell debate are quite obvious.

Kevin DeYoung’s review of Rob Bell, Love Wins

In a recent article on Rob Bell’s recent book Love Wins, Justin Mulwee from Blackbird Press recommends what he describes as ‘the most thorough review of the book to surface so far (and by someone who’s actually read it!)’, that of Kevin DeYoung, pastor of the University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan

Here is how DeYoung summarises the book: Continue reading “Kevin DeYoung’s review of Rob Bell, Love Wins”

Rob Bell – Love Wins

Rob Bell’s book Love Wins, that has created already a lot of debate, especially among Evangelicals, more or less oriented towards fundamentalism, will be launched on 15 March in the US.

Does Hell Exist? How could anyone doubt it?