Howard Snyder – Why I Don’t Expect to Go to Heaven

Do you expect to ‘go to heaven after you die? Many people do. This is part of the vulgata in much of conservative Christianity. Howard Snyder, who is a radical Methodist theologian, believes this hope is misplaced and incompatible with biblical revelation.

Here is why he believes that will NOT ‘go to heaven’ when he dies:

1. Because when Jesus said “I go to prepare a place for you,” he didn’t mention heaven (John 14:2-4).

2. Because the “place” Jesus refers to in John 14 is only dimensionally, not geographically or spatially, distant from earth.

3. Because “the word was made flesh,” not just spirit (John 1:14). Continue reading “Howard Snyder – Why I Don’t Expect to Go to Heaven”

Richard Rohr on Heaven and Hell

Even Pope John Paul II said at a Vatican conference on June 28, 1999 that heaven and hell were primarily eternal states of consciousness more than geographical places of later reward and punishment. We seem to be our own worst enemies, and we forget or deny things that are just too good to be true. The ego clearly prefers an economy of merit, where we can divide the world into winners and losers, to any economy of grace, where merit and worthiness lose all meaning. Continue reading “Richard Rohr on Heaven and Hell”

NT Wright on Heaven

Here is the transcript: Continue reading “NT Wright on Heaven”

Colton Burpo: The Little Boy Who Has Been In Heaven

HERE is an article about this case.