Christian News from Gaza

Gaza Baptist Church

June 7, 2010

I have never been in prison but I live in one when I am in Gaza.

“Hopelessness and desperation.” These two words describe the horrible situation and life of the people in Gaza. This is what I experienced on my last visit to Gaza in February when I stayed for more than 40 days.

It’s hard for me to imagine we live in the 21st century and still more than 1.5 million people in Gaza live under siege. It has been going on for more than 4 years now. Continue reading “Christian News from Gaza”

Der Spiegel on the complicated situation in Gaza – UPDATE

Gaza City Harbour (Source, Der Spiegel)

The Israeli blockade of Gaza is the main cause of the utter suffering of numerous women, old people and children in Gaza, where over 80% of the population is dependent on aid.

Hamas itself is another important cause of the suffering there, not only indirectly, through its senseless and criminal rocket attacks against Israeli civilians,but also directly, through its political manipulation and misuse of aid. Continue reading “Der Spiegel on the complicated situation in Gaza – UPDATE”

Scot McKnight about the Israeli-Gaza incident

Here are some of the questions that Scot McKnight asks about the latest militarist act of the state of Israel (and my short answers):

  • Was that boat, or the flotilla, properly contacted in advance to say the boats must pass inspection? Is this protocol?
They obviously did not. The Israeli never bother to do such things when Palestinians are concerned.