40 Days of Prayer for Haiti: a video reflection

Haiti en vol

Source: Le Post.


International adoptions as proselytism – UPDATE

I have read tonight one of the most distressing things in years. It seems that for some Southern Baptists international adoptions (you have heard of the recent scandal in Haiti) have become the latest form of proselytism. Please read and decide for yourselves:

A Southern Baptist seminary professor says the arrests of a group of Baptists from the United States accused of trying to remove children from earthquake-stricken Haiti without proper documentation could give a black eye to a budding movement of evangelicals who view adoption as a means of spreading the gospel. Continue reading “International adoptions as proselytism – UPDATE”

Bishop Gerry Seale – Haiti: Cursed or Blessed?

Bishop Gerry Seale

Every time a disaster happens anywhere in the world some within the Christian community tell us it’s the judgment of God being poured out on sinful people. It has become increasingly difficult for me to think in those terms.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God and sin entered the equation the entire creation was impacted. All creation fell and “groans and labours with birth pangs together until now” (Romans 8:22). Since fallen humans live in a fallen creation we can expect disasters like the Haïti earthquake to happen from time to time. Continue reading “Bishop Gerry Seale – Haiti: Cursed or Blessed?”

Haiti – Centre recreationale World Vision pentru copii

Comunicat de presa

World Vision International deschide doua centre recreationale pentru a-i proteja pe supravietuitorii cei mai mici ai cutremurului din Haiti

Separarea de familie devine o amenintare critica la adresa securitatii celor mai mici dintre sinistrati.

Jimani, Republica Dominicana – World Vision a deschis doua centre recreationale pentru copii, in incinta San Jose Recovery Center si a Spitalului “Good Samaritan” din orasul Jimani, situat la granita dintre Haiti si Republica Dominicana. Centrele, cunoscute sub denumirea de “spatii prietenoase pentru copii” au scopul de a oferi copiilor, pe durata unor situatii de criza, un spatiu in care sa se simta in siguranta, unde sa poata sa mearga si sa-si reia rutina zilnica, contribuind astfel la recuperarea psiho-sociala a acestora. Continue reading “Haiti – Centre recreationale World Vision pentru copii”

Haiti Response: “You Are Not Alone”

Chant-priere que je dedie aux victimes d’Haiti

True Stories

The last issue of Sightings deals, how else, with Robertson’s thoughtless statements on Haiti. Here is what Martin Marty writes about this:

You know the old joke:  When someone absolutely diabolical died, the rabbi asked if anyone wanted to say anything about him at the funeral.  No one dared, as there was nothing nice to say.  Eventually one stood up and said, “His brother was even worse.”  Was anyone worse than Pat Robertson, who credited the earthquake in Haiti to “true story” of the Haitians having “made a pact with the devil”?  Say something nice about Robertson now? Continue reading “True Stories”

Where is God when suffering strikes?

Personal suffering—whether illness, accident, assault, robbery, poverty or natural disaster—usually raises spiritual questions.  A major catastrophe is for many people a spiritual catastrophe. A complex humanitarian emergency is a complex spiritual crisis.  The questions that are raised by either personal suffering or complex humanitarian emergencies are the same: Where are you God?  Why did you allow this to happen? Why us? Why are some spared while others aren’t? Continue reading “Where is God when suffering strikes?”

Prayer for Haiti

Gracious Heavenly Father,

Move our hearts and minds to the families in Haiti today.

Lead us in this prayer for the needs of these people.

It is hard to know what to say and pray in the face of this devastation.

We plead with you Lord Jesus to look mercifully upon these children. Continue reading “Prayer for Haiti”

Invitation to prayer for Haiti


Could I invite you to pray with me at this late hour of the day? Your prayer will help me to believe, to trust and to surrender.

What about you?

It might be difficult for some of us to pray alone. Tears, sadness and silence might come easier than words. And even if we find words they might hardly be going beyond the “why Lord” and “why Haiti”? And new silence comes in and dries up our ability to say anything else. Continue reading “Invitation to prayer for Haiti”

Latest news on Haiti – ‘Satan’ writes to Pat Robertson

Dore – Satan Falling

James McGrath informs us on his blog that, supposedly, Satan sent a letter to Pat Robertson, complaining about his ‘insightful’ comments on Haiti. Here it is: Continue reading “Latest news on Haiti – ‘Satan’ writes to Pat Robertson”

World Vision UK – Haiti Emergency Appeal

Continue reading “World Vision UK – Haiti Emergency Appeal”

Fundamentalist Stupidity. Again – UPDATE

Pat Robertson has done it again. It seems that some people never learn.

First, he speaks without thinking, and then, what else, he retracts. How can the world take Christianity seriously with such “leaders’?

Note 1: By the way, did you fall for this? No, Robertson did not retract. These people never do. This was a comedian imagining things.

Nevertheless, we finally have a statement from Robertson. Not that it clarifies anything. Continue reading “Fundamentalist Stupidity. Again – UPDATE”

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