Religious Faith Builds A Civil Society in A Way Secularism Does not

My friend Rob Kilpatrick posted today on his Facebook page a very interesting article by Austen Ivereigh on the role of religious faith in building sustainable civil society, from a recent edition of The Guardian.

Here is a fragment, to wet your appetite:

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Religion generates networks of participation that are far more lasting and committed than secular civic organisations

The question: Do believers make better citizens?

The notion, irritating to humanists, that faith leads to greater civic participation turns out not to be true, says Andrew Copson, citing a new government survey. What the figures show – you have to download a spreadsheet and squint for a while at Table 6 to work this out – is that those who participated in “civic engagement and formal volunteering at least once in the past year” are as likely to be of no faith as to profess one.

Whatever “participation in civic engagement” involves, to do it once a year seems to be not much of a commitment; so it’s not clear what the figures prove. But the point Copson is anxious to make – that “religious affiliation makes little difference in terms of volunteering“, in the words of the 2007 report he cites – is beyond dispute. The desire to help and serve others is written on the human heart. Philanthropy, volunteering, charity – these are activities of believers and non-believers alike. You don’t have to do God to be good. Continue reading “Religious Faith Builds A Civil Society in A Way Secularism Does not”

A Psychological Analysis of the Riots in the UK – UPDATE

(Source of picture, HERE)

Zoe Williams, a Guardian columnist, has written the best analysis I have read until now on the roots and the meaning of the riots in the UK. Reading this article I was wondering where are the ethics theologians when we need them.

I paste below a few quotes from this remarkable text, in the hope that this will motivate you to read it in its entirety. Continue reading “A Psychological Analysis of the Riots in the UK – UPDATE”