Rachel Held Evans – Donald Trump and a Tale of Two Gospels

Rachel Held Evans

NOTES: It has been some time since I have shared on my blog a post written by Rachel. But this one is a must, as so many evangelicals in the US seem to be fooled by the perverted version of the gospel promoted by the Republican candidate to the American presidency.

And some good news on Rachel. On Feb 29th, President Obama nominated Rachel Held Evans as member of the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Well done, Rachel.

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As it becomes clear Donald Trump’s candidacy for president will be more than a sideshow this year, the probable Republican nominee is making his pitch to Christian voters.

You would think it would be a hard sell given the fact that the real estate mogul and reality star has boasted about his extramarital affairs, profited off casinos and strip clubs, said he doesn’t need to ask God for forgiveness, called for targeting innocent civilians in war, mocked a reporter with a disability, threatened the religious liberty of minority groups in the U.S., and gained wide support among white nationalists for consistently lying about and demeaning blacks, Mexican immigrants, Muslims, and Syrian refugees.

But polls show that despite all of this, Trump remains favored among evangelical voters. After speaking at Liberty University last week, Trump scored an important endorsement from Jerry Falwell Jr., a prominent leader of the Religious Right who, to the applause of thousands, compared Trump to Jesus and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The Spread of the Gospel

This animated map is a powerful visual depiction of the most important movement in history: the spread of Christianity. Every frame is one year in the last 2000 years of the Great Commission. This is an animated version of the data on our 24×36″ printed Spread of the Gospel Map:


Charting the geographic progress of the Gospel over the last 2,000 years, this map shows the missionary journeys of the apostles, the outposts of the early church, the hotbeds of persecution, the staging grounds of the Church’s major theological battles, and more. See the power of the Gospel to transform “every nation and tribe and language and people,” and be inspired by the legacies of the brave brothers and sisters who faithfully carried the Gospel of Christ to the farthest ends of the earth.

The Gospel As Story – Sermon at Tbilisi Baptist Cathedral

Here is an outline of my sermon, which I have delivered at the invitation of Archbishop Malkhaz Songulashvili.. Continue reading “The Gospel As Story – Sermon at Tbilisi Baptist Cathedral”

The Great Omission – Evangelicals for Social Action

The Great Omission – Evangelicals for Social Action.

‘When any means of mission is justifiable so long as it works, we have left the gospel behind and embraced pragmatism. Essentially, we have followed Esau’s example and sold our Christian calling for a bowl of stew. To be Christian means more than saluting anything that flies the flag of the “Great Commission.” To be Christian requires saying “no” to many forms of ministry and mission because they are inconsistent, often violently, with the gospel.’

The Gospel of the Magic Book

Magic book (from deviantart)

A good friend gave me a link on Facebook for this article, written by Peter Bradford Martin. I know it is going to upset many, and that is precisely why I have decided to republish it here. It is, of course, merely about American version of evangelicalism, which is really a hybris. Thank goodness, there is much more common sense in third world evangelicalism

I post it here mostly because I agree, to a large extent with the author. That is why I describe myself often as a (post)conservative/(post)evangelical. Here it is:

* * *

The true gospel of contemporary evangelical Christianity is the gospel of the Magic Book.  

Evangelicals say they preach Christ, who is a person.  But as they say this, they hand you the Holy Handbook, God’s owner’s manual for life.  Just as you thought the substance of the Christian religion was actually a person, they caution you severely that God is content to relegate to The Book active authority on earth for literally everything that might matter to a human being.  Good news! they say.  Any question you have regarding how to live, what to think, what to do, what’s real, and what’s not—it’s in The Book. Continue reading “The Gospel of the Magic Book”

Howard Snyder – 14 Favorite Ways to Twist the Gospel


This comes from the last blog post of Howard Snyder, ‘formerly professor of the history and theology of mission, Asbury Theological Seminary (1996-2006); now engaged in research and writing in Wilmore, Kentucky. Professor of Wesley Studies, Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, 2007-2012. Formerly taught and pastored in São Paulo, Brazil; Detroit, Michigan; and Chicago, Illinois.
Howard Snyder’s main interest is in the power and relevance of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom for the world today and tomorrow. He has written on a range of topics including church history, cultural trends, globalization, worldviews, evangelism, and various cultural issues.’
(Source HERE)

Here is the list:

1. Interpret the gospel primarily through Romans.

2. Focus solely on “personal salvation.”

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NT Wright on the Gospel

Thanks to Natan Mladin for the link.