The Problem of Goodness – Freelance Christianity

Source: The Problem of Goodness – Freelance Christianity

Goodness is perpetuated by individuals while evil, more often than not, is perpetrated by groups.

Christa Black Gifford – Human Pain vs Goodness of God

Christ Black Gifford

What an amazing thought!

What do you think?

Richard Rohr – God’s Goodness and Humility

The two adjectives most applied to God by Franciscan mysticism were the goodness of God and the humility of God. Hardly any of us would say God is humble, but Francis did. He and Clare fell in love with the humility of God; because if God emptied himself and hid himself inside the material world then God, who was revealed in Jesus, was surely a very humble kind of God. This is a total surprise to history, and so much a scandal that most Christians would still resist it consciously or unconsciously.

Francis fell in love with the humanity of Jesus more than his divinity. It was Jesus’ humanity that he wanted to draw close to, and that he fell in love with. He just wanted to be the most humble man around, which was his “imitation of God” (Ephesians 5:1). Only in that humble state could he find God, because that’s where God had gone and Francis wanted to go where Jesus went and where God was hiding. Continue reading “Richard Rohr – God’s Goodness and Humility”

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