» Tim LaHaye Backs “Glenn Beck’s End-Times Prophet” on Islamic Antichrist Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion

» Tim LaHaye Backs “Glenn Beck’s End-Times Prophet” on Islamic Antichrist Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion.

Tim LaHaye, the self-made know-it-all ‘prophecy specialist’ (author of the Left Behind heretic marketing stunt) has joined Glenn  Beck and Joel Richardson in their Islamophobic hysteria.

Fanatic fundamentalism is clearly a sign of the end-times.

Paranoia fundamentalista a Anticristului islamic

Furor eschatologicum, asa cum ii spunea Parintele Visky pasiunii nestavilite pentru chestiunile legate de sfirsitul lumii, este o realitate de care nu sunt deloc strain. Am trait in copilarie intre crestinii dupa Evanghelie, biserica parintilor mei, o confesiune eminamente escatologica, aflata sub influenta teologiei lui J.N. Darby, fundatorul ‘neoereziei’ dispensationaliste.

Am fost apoi influentat, in primii mei ani de umblare cu Cristos, de teologia lui Vasilica Moisescu, care promova o versiune proprie de dispensationalism. Am promovat eu insumi, ani de-a rindul aceasta teorie escatologica, la orele de tineret, la studiile biblice si in predicile din biserica. Continue reading “Paranoia fundamentalista a Anticristului islamic”

David DeWitt on Blen Beck, Mitt Romney and the Mormon Factor

Dave DeWitt is one of the most interesting old friends I have.

I disagree with him theologically on most things (he is a hard line dispensationalist, trained at Dallas Theological Seminary). Yet, he is one of the most creative Bible teachers I have met. I have always learned from him, even when we disagreed.

I have just received from him a  two pager he wrote recently around the Glenn Beck hysteria that has taken over these days conservative Christians in the United States, for whom Beck is almost a contemporary prophet. Who cares that Beck’s God is not the Christian Triune God? The (neoconservative) end justify the (Mormon) means. Continue reading “David DeWitt on Blen Beck, Mitt Romney and the Mormon Factor”

A Mormon and a Southern Baptist at Liberty University

Glenn Beck (Fox News)             Paige Petterson (SBTS)

Incredible! Christianity Today website shared recently the following  strange piece of news: Continue reading “A Mormon and a Southern Baptist at Liberty University”

Jim Wallis and Glenn Beck Meet for Social Justice Dialogue

Jim Wallis                             Glenn Beck

On the eve of Good Friday, recognizing that sad and tragic events often dominate the headlines, airwaves, and even our own blog, a dose of the “best medicine” might help us all make it through to the joy of Easter.

With that in mind, here’s some surprising news: Though Jim Wallis is allegedly on vacation with his family this week, we were able to obtain footage of a top secret meeting between Jim and Fox News commentator Glenn Beck! Apparently, Beck finally accepted Jim’s offer to dialogue, and the two met in an undisclosed location. Continue reading “Jim Wallis and Glenn Beck Meet for Social Justice Dialogue”

A Million Christians for Social Justice

Sometimes, the timing of events seems almost providential.

For more than a year, Sojourners has been discussing and planning to launch a campaign called A Million Christians for Social Justice.

We have talked, dreamed, and prayed about the possibility and power of bringing together, from across the life of the churches, the many voices that are calling for social justice. It’s many of us now: Evangelicals and Mainline Protestants, Catholics and Pentecostals, Black, Hispanic, and Asian-American churches — focusing our personal faith on the most urgent public issues our world is now facing. Continue reading “A Million Christians for Social Justice”

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