What Is Anti-Semitism?


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Two recent articles in Der Spiegel discuss the debated issue of the correct definition of anti-Semitism. The background of this discussion is the fact that Der Spiegel journalist Ronen Bergman was labeled as being anti-Semitic because of his criticism of the attitude of the Israeli government towards Palestinians in the occupied territories..

In fact, as Bergman rightly points out,  quite deliberately, and as an insidious  means of guilt manipulation, ‘in recent years, Israeli Jews have often confused anti-Israel rhetoric with anti-Semitism. One cannot legitimately criticise the abuses of the Israeli government towards the Palestinians without being accused of being anti-Semitic and becoming the target of hate speech. It happened to me countless times in the last years. So, what is really anti-Semitism?

Here is a fragment from a polemic between Spiegel columnist Jakob Augstein, himself accused of anti-Semitism by the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center because of his criticism to the Israeli government, and Dieter Graumann, leader of the Jewish community in Germany: Continue reading “What Is Anti-Semitism?”

God at Work in Iran

A recent article on Christianity Today website talks about the miraculous way in which Iranian Muslims are coming to faith in Christ. The article describes an Easter service in Eastern Germany in which seven such people were baptised. Here is the description of the event:

The group baptism happened at an unsettling time for European Christians. During Lent, radical Muslims handed out large numbers of Qur’ans on street corners and announced plans to distribute 25 million German-language copies of their holy book in order to win Germans to their faith. But on the night before Easter, some 150 worshipers filed silently into St. Mary’s Church in the Zehlendorf district of Berlin to witness conversions in the opposite direction. Continue reading “God at Work in Iran”