Decalogue travels to Los Angeles

Over the next few days, the sculpture by Liviu Mocan, which has been standing in front of the Reformed church in Plan-les-Ouates since September last year, will be dismantled and loaded into a countainer bound for Los Angeles via Rotterdam. Continue reading “Decalogue travels to Los Angeles”

Jonathan Tame – Friday Five

Jonathan Tame

Jonathan Tame

Jonathan Tame is a good friend. He worked for many years with YWAM (Youth With a Mission). He lived for a few years in Iasi, where he was instrumental in creating Primul Pas, a crisis pregnancy centre, as well as Cluj, where he helped create Quo Vadis, a world-view cafe.

He lived lately in Geneva, where he supported our common friend the Romanian Svculptor Liviu Mocan in placing there his Invitation/Decalogue work.

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Jean Calvin – 500 de ani de la nastere

Jean Calvin

Astăzi, 10 iulie, se împlinesc 500 de ani de la naşterea reformatorului francez Jean Calvin, una dintre cele mai strălucite minţi ale Reformei. Această aniersare este celebrată în cele mai diverse moduri, în toată lumea. Evenimentul va trece însă neobservat la noi, aşa cum se îmtâmplă în multe alte asemenea ocazii în ţara noastră unică

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Unveiling of the Invitation/Decalogue Sculpture


Dear friends,
We have had a hectic and exciting week…. Liviu, the sculptor, flew in to Geneva last Friday, ahead of the sculpture itself which arrived on Monday.  We spent the whole day putting it up in the Parc des Bastions, and then Tuesday and Wednesday were spent laying the grass turf all around it, and preparing for the unveiling.  We worked rather slowly, as we had many interruptions from people stopping to ask what it was… we saw all kinds of expressions on people’s faces: amazement, surprise, bemusement, wonder, as well as puzzlement, disdain and indifference!  Liviu was in his element as he engaged in conversation with people.  He intends to remain here for the month of July, and will spend much of that time in the park, talking with people who stop to consider the sculpture. Continue reading “Unveiling of the Invitation/Decalogue Sculpture”

Decalog, la final – UPDATE!

Liviu Mocan

dragii mei,

am nespusa bucurie de a va impartasi faptul ca grupul statuar “decalog” a luat contur final. multumesc Datatorului si va multumesc voua tuturor, prietenii mei dragi

in confuzia valorica infuzata in contemporaneitate de catre relativismul postmodern, nadejdea acestei lucrari de arta este aceea de a afirma ca ABSOLUTELE SUNT MAINILE LUI DUMNEZEU

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The Invitation – Dialogue with the Decalogue – UPDATE!

Invitation - Decalogue

Dear friends,

We are very pleased to announce that the Geneva authorities have given their approval for the [Liviu Mocan] sculpture to be exhibited in the main Parc des Bastions during the month of July, so we are due to install it on 29th-30th June, as part of the Calvin09 celebrations.

Meanwhile in Romania, the casting of the ten columns in fibreglass is under way even as I write, and Liviu is very pleased with the progress so far. The other main piece of the sculpture, a broad metal base ring which will lie flat on the ground and provide the support for each column, will be made towards the end of this month.

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Liviu Mocan si Anul Calvin – update


Liviu Mocan – Imagine de tinerete a artistului

La 1 ianuarie vă anunţam că în acest an se împlinesc 500 de ani de la naşterea reformatorului Jean Calvin.

Cu această ocazie vă anunţam, de asemenea, despre un interesant proiect al sculptorului clujean Liviu Mocan, care plănuieşte să plaseze undeva în Geneva o nouă lucrare a lui, numită Decalog.

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