Women, Leadership, & the Bible – Greg Boyd – ReKnew

Source: Women, Leadership, & the Bible – Greg Boyd – ReKnew

Here is some food for thought, though I doubt it may do much for those who share a different hermeneutical paradigm. Yet, even for them, it helps to understand that those who think differently are not fools, who try to detroy the word of God.

Finding My Place in The Gospel Coalition | Her.meneutics | Christianitytoday.com

Finding My Place in The Gospel Coalition | Her.meneutics | Christianitytoday.com.

Jen Pollock Michel discusses in this article about the (unconfortable) place of women in the neo-reformed Gospel Coalition.

Slanderous Accusations against Egalitarians

Slanderous Accusations against Egalitarians.

Are you a complementarian or an egalitarian? It really depends on what you mean by those terms.

It was interesting for me to ind out that ‘the earliest so-called “egalitarians” were calling themselves “complementarians” (without hierarchy) before complementarians grabbed the term as their own and then turned to call their brothers and sisters who believed in shared and mutual authority in the church and home “egalitarians.” (Which gained traction in a day when the “equal rights amendment” was disputed by some who are now called “complementarians.”)’

God Is NOT A White Man – thank goodness!

Gungor continues their ascent through the Christian music genre with the addition of their latest music video, “God is not a white Man” a precise and thought provoking song about the misconceptions involving God. The film was constructed entirely of felt and was developed and directed by Goodwin Films.

(look HERE for Mark Gungor.)

Rachel Held Evans – Is God A Man? (a response to the CBMW accusation of heresy)

Rachel Held Evans – blog.

Of course, God is not a man, but Owen Starchan, or John Piper, and other such fundamentalists, would like God to be male.
That is, as Rachel tightly argues here, idolatry – worship of maleness.
Let me quote Rachel again:
‘The people of Israel received a strong warning from God about this in Deuteronomy 4:15-17: “You saw no form of any kind the day the Lord spoke to you at Horeb out of the fire. Therefore watch yourselves very carefully, so that you do not become corrupt and make for yourselves an idol, an image of any shape, whether formed like a man or a woman, or like any animal on earth or any bird that flies in the air…”’

Map of Wage Gap Between Men and Women

Global Gender Pay Gap

(Source, TIME)

Dr. Glahn on Gender Differences

I have found today on a Facebook page that was new to me a very interesting article on gender matters and I invite you to read it by quoting a few paragraphs:

Look up “gender” in the dictionary, and you will probably find “sex” as its definition. As if the words were interchangeable.

In the not-so-distant past, “gender” referred only to grammatical fields. But in 1955, a sexologist suggested that we distinguish between biological sex and gender as a way of distinguishing between male and female. Another fifteen to twenty years passed before his idea caught on. In the 1970s, the field of gender studies emerged, and we began to define “gender” as the social construction of biological difference, or what we consider masculine and feminine behavior.

Here is how Piper/Grudem’s book defines masculinity and femininity:
At the heart of mature masculinity is a sense of benevolent responsibility to lead, provide for, and protect women in ways appropriate to a man’s differing relationships.
At the heart of mature femininity is a freeing disposition to affirm, receive, and nurture strength and leadership from worthy men in ways appropriate to a woman’s differing relationships. Continue reading “Dr. Glahn on Gender Differences”