Why Israel and Palestine?

Q and A Session with Wayne Hilsden, Munther Isaac, Gary Burge and Manfred Kohl

Dr. Gary Burge: Theology of the Land in the New Testament

Dr. Gary Burge, Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College, shares about “Theology of the Land in the New Testament” at Christ at the Checkpoint 2012

Gary Burge on Christian Martyrs in the Middle East

One of the most precious artifacts I have in my office isn’t an ancient coin or oil lamp. It is a business card. From northern Iraq.

Monther Al-Saka handed it to me just after I preached a  sermon in his church, Mosul’s Evangelical Presbyterian Church. They served fried chicken after worship (”Don’t all Americans love fried chicken?” he asked), we exchanged hugs, and I went on my way. But on Dec. 1, 2006, Monther was martyred — for being a Christian leader in the chaos we now call Iraq. He was standing on the front porch of the church — he had been warned by Sunni extremists to flee or die, but he stood his ground. And a bullet from a car met him on a Sunday morning. Continue reading “Gary Burge on Christian Martyrs in the Middle East”

Risking Conversation with the Face of Occupation

Gary Burge, an Anglican Biblical scholar teaching at Wheaton College writes in the last issue of Sojourners an account of his participation on Sunday 14 March 2010, in Beit Jala, Bethlehem, in a peaceful demonstration against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.  Here is a fragment:

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With God on Our Side – an extraordinary documentary

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Christ at the Checkpoint

The ‘Christ at the Checkpoint’ Conference organised by Bethlehem Bible College started today at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bethlehem, Palestine.

Beginning tomorrow, you may watch online HERE the the keynote addresses, Do not miss tomorrow at 9-10.15am (GMT+2) Stephen Sizer’s presentation titled ‘The Bible, Israel and the Church. Challenging Zionism, Anti-Semitism and Replacement Theology’. Continue reading “Christ at the Checkpoint”