Liberals and Fundamentalists Have it Wrong: Faith is Not About “Correct” Facts

Liberals and Fundamentalists Have it Wrong: Faith is Not About “Correct” Facts.

There is a lot of meat in this short text. I highly recommend it to you. Here are just a few excerpts:
– The reason so many liberal churches are empty or mostly populated with aging rationalists who seem to have a somewhat embarrassed attachment to religion, is that trying to reduce spiritual experience to something verifiable is a dead end. It’s a dead end for fundamentalists too. Fundamentalists wind up defending myths as historically true. That’s as futile as it is for the theological liberals that seek to demystify myths and render the life of the spirit tangible.

– The philosopher René Girard points to a non-retributive understanding of Christ precisely because Girard rejects the retributive “god” followed by so many Roman Catholics and Protestants, not to mention Muslims and Jews. Girard developed the idea that human primates do what all primates do: imitate each other, and that this gives rise to violence. Because we imitate others we imitate their desires. Through this “mimetic desire” we come to want what others want and we kill to get it. That violence is a threat to the survival of the tribe.

What is needed if our faith is to live, is for us to re-mythologize our holly traditions and texts, not to try reduce them to the tidy categories of what is true and what’s not true as those terms are used for reading airline schedules.

Amd here is the little comment I left on his Fecebook page under this article: ‘Frank, Thanks for this. I fully agree with you. And would add just one thing. AS a Romania, I am well aware there there are also lots of fundamentalist Orthodox people who believe in a retributive God. They need the freedom brought about by the Gospel of an all-loving God, as much as fundamentalist Catholics of Protestants.’

Frank Schaeffer – A Tribute to My Evangelical Leader Mom, Edith Schaeffer

Frank Schaeffer is the youngest son of Francis & Edith Schaeffer.  The text below, from which I paste a few excerpts,  was published by Huffington Post.

* * *

Edith Schaeffer 1914 – 2013 RIP

My mother Edith Schaeffer died today. She was the author of many books on family life and spirituality and co-founder with my father Francis Schaeffer of the evangelical ministry of L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland. She has just gone to be with the Lord, as she would put it. She died at home which was her wish.

I last talked to Mom yesterday. Rather she slept as I talked. A few days before my granddaughter Lucy was on my lap and we were talking to Mom via Skype. That day she was awake.

During one of the last calls when Lucy and I talked to her last week, Mom was beautiful with her silver hair in a ponytail and her red hair band and matching shawl. Trapped in a body she’d lost control of, it took all of her formidable willpower to acknowledge our love. She had a feeding tube in her nose and was slipping in and out of consciousness. Five minutes after we hung up she would not remember the conversation. But in the moment when I said “I love you,” she nodded back and was fully aware.

Mom was staring earnestly into the laptop screen her nurse had set up so we could talk via Skype. My four year old granddaughter Lucy whispered “Does she have her perfume on?”

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Presedintele Obama – veste proasta pentru noii atei si pentru alti fundamentalisti


Un text de Frank Schaeffer

Preşedinţia lui Obama este o veste extraordinară pentru aproape toată lumea. Este însă o veste rea pentru nişte indivizi cu ideologii ciudate: Dreapta Religioasă şi aşa-numiţii Atei Noi.

În războaiele culturale de tipul ,,totul sau nimic” şi în războaiele propriu-zise de tipul ,,totul sau nimic” dintre aşa-numiţii Atei Noi şi religie, alegerea preşedintelui Obama reintroduce o serie de nuanţe. Capacitatea Preşedintelui ales Obama de a crede în Isus, care este încă sub semnul întrebării, va salva religia americană în general şi creştinismul în mod special de primejdia extremelor.

Nu putem înţelege victoria Preşedintelui ales Obama în nici un alt mod decât ca fiind începutul nu doar al unei schimbări politice monumentale, ci şi al unei revoluţii spirituale.

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