Femi Adeleye on Langham Preaching in Africa

Watch at the link below an excellent presentation made by my dear friend and former WVI colleague dr. Femi Adeleye, coordinator of Langham Preaching Africa.


Sixth Day of Lausanne III Congress

Chris Rive and some members of the Reconciliation Group

Today was one of the best days of the Congress, the same way as the day before was one of the worst, at competition with Wednesday, when Piper did his number.

The first plenary of the day was the sermon of Calisto Odede, pastor of a Pentecostal church in Nairobi. As I have said, it was more of a sermon than a Bible exposition. To be fair, I have very little patience with this kind of messages, high on emotions, but low on content. As a post-modern man, I do not believe very much in the adequacy of unidirectional communication at this time in history. But that is a matter of taste (or lack of it 😦 Continue reading “Sixth Day of Lausanne III Congress”