Open Doors – Tunisian Christians on the Footsteps of Perpetua and Felicity

The accounts of Perpetua and Felicity have been passed down through the centuries to Christians living in 21st century Tunisia. Today, Christians living there can come together for worship; but many face loneliness and isolation. As a convert, they are no longer welcome by their families; they lose not only the family community, but the communal support it brings. Currently, there are about 1,500 Tunisian Christians, most with a Muslim background.

Student Tahira, 18, is one of these Tunisian Christians. She is fortunate because her sister and mother also became Christians. Tahira is very open about her faith, even speaking out about it on Facebook. “For me, Perpetua and Felicity are great examples,” Tahira reflects. Continue reading “Open Doors – Tunisian Christians on the Footsteps of Perpetua and Felicity”

Open Doors – Perpetua and Felicity, Third Century Martyrs

St. Perpetua & Felicitas

Perpetua and Felicity were third century Christians, living in what is now Tunisia.

Imprisoned with a group of other believers for their faith in Christ, 22-year-old Perpetua, a young wife and mother, wrote a diary of her time in prison, and of the attempts by her non-Christian father to make her renounce her faith.

While in prison, Perpetua quickly became friends with Felicity. Felicity was also a believer…and was pregnant, a fact that could have spared her life. Both women were sentenced to be executed because of their faith … neither, however were willing to renounce Jesus. Continue reading “Open Doors – Perpetua and Felicity, Third Century Martyrs”

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