Richard Rohr – Two Halves of Life: The Task within the Task

Fr. Rohr-Franciscan

Fr. Rohr is sharing this week, and the following, his ideas about the ‘two halves of life’, the topic of his book Falling Upward, and of many of his recorded talks.

This coincides with my intention to share on my blog some quotes and comments from my fifth reading of the book mentioned above, which had a great impact on my life at a time that I most needed it. My providential meeting with Fr Rohr, four years ago has created a bond between us, and I consider him my spiritual mentor at a distance. I hope my reflections on his ideas will be also helpful for you.

Here is what Fr Rohr has written in opening this series of daily reflections (if interested, you may subscribe HERE to receive daily thought email his reflections): Continue reading “Richard Rohr – Two Halves of Life: The Task within the Task”

Fr. Richard Rohr – Falling Upward

As I was writing on my son’s Facebook wall, I am reading now Richard Rohr’s book Falling Upward for the fourth time (and I do not do this very often). It is one of the most meaningful books I have read in tears. Having had the privilege of meeting Fr. Rohr in person, this summer in Romania, the book makes even more sense to me now..Absolutely must reading for those who finished their teenage attempts to impress others and to build their basic identity.

Here is how this amazing presentation is introduced on YouTube: Continue reading “Fr. Richard Rohr – Falling Upward”