The Problem of Goodness – Freelance Christianity

Source: The Problem of Goodness – Freelance Christianity

Goodness is perpetuated by individuals while evil, more often than not, is perpetrated by groups.

Dr. Jerry Root – CS Lewis si problema raului

O conferinta organizata la 4 iulie 2013 de Centrul Areopagus la Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara.

Dr. Jerry Root este profesor la Wheaton College, in Wheaton, Ill.

Is Evil ‘Over’? You Wish…

Religious Dispatches has just published a very interesting article on the issue of evil in neuroscience. Here is the beginning of it:

“Is evil over?” asked Ron Rosenbaum at Slate last week. “Yes, according to many neuroscientists, who are emerging as the new high priests of the secrets of the psyche, explainers of human behavior in general.” Rightly, Rosenbaum questions the scientism of those who would declare that, since evil — whatever it may be — cannot be pinned down in any specific location or function of the brain, it must not be real.

The article points to a number of ways neuropsychology has been overinterpreted and oversold. Rosenbaum addresses the fetishizing of fMRI images, the ideology that conflates causation and correlation, and the shifting semantics — evil recast as “non-empathy” by one esteemed psychologist (echoing, interestingly, the traditional Christian understanding of evil as a privation). Continue reading “Is Evil ‘Over’? You Wish…”