Christian Solidarity Worldwide – Prayer for Eritrea

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers for Eritrea over the years. It’s often difficult to keep faithfully petitioning God during a situation which doesn’t change or worsens; so your perseverance means the world to us and, of course, to the Eritrean people who are suffering under one of the most brutal regimes in the world.

Sunday 20 May
Patriarch Antonios of the Eritrean Orthodox Church has been under house arrest since he was illegally removed from office in 2007. He is allegedly under pressure to resign and make way for a pro-government bishop. He’s in his 90s, surrounded by enemies, and severely diabetic. Ask God to encourage Patriarch Antonios in his imprisonment, granting him strength, faith and perseverance.

Monday 21 May
Patriarch Antonios is one of over 10,000 prisoners of conscience in Eritrea, including many from recognised and unrecognised faith groups who have been detained without charge or trial, in life threatening conditions. Please pray for all those who are imprisoned in Eritrea: for God to comfort them, grant them endurance, and for their unconditional release.

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Stories of Christian Persecution – Helen of Eritrea

On Open Doors testimony.

ERITREA: Prayer Needed for Efforts at the UN This Week to Secure a Commission of Inquiry

Eritreea map

On Thursday the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council (HRC) will discuss, and hopefully adopt, a strong resolution condemning the continuing, severe and widespread human rights violations committed by Eritrea against its citizens and calls for the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the violations outlined in reports by the Special Rapporteur on human rights in Eritrea. This is a bold step and one which needs to be underpinned by prayer if it’s to be successful. Continue reading “ERITREA: Prayer Needed for Efforts at the UN This Week to Secure a Commission of Inquiry”

World Watch Monitor – Eritrea Turns 21

Eritreea map

The tiny state of Eritrea, flanked by Ethiopia on one side and the Red Sea on the other, celebrated its 21st birthday May 24, its Independence Day a public holiday.

Yet beneath the official festivities, Eritrea’s 6 million people live under a regime that has earned a reputation as the most repressive in Africa.

Now an exiled human-rights group, Release Eritrea, reports that more than 1,000 Christians are currently in detention. The group bases its tally on phone calls to friends and colleagues in the country.

The jailed Christians are members of unofficial or ‘unregistered’ churches, which are under persistent attack from the regime. Continue reading “World Watch Monitor – Eritrea Turns 21”

Pray for the Release of Patriarch Antonios of Eritrea

Imprisoned Orthodox Patriarch Antonios of Eritrea

March 14, 2012 Washington DC (International Christian Concern) –Patriarch Antonios, who has been imprisoned for his faith, is a diabetic and his situation is deteriorating due to lack of medical attention. The Patriarch has been detained at an undisclosed location since January 2006.

“It is a miracle that he remains alive without medical care. International humanitarian organizations, such as the Red Cross, should be allowed to visit the Patriarch. We also urge the Eritrean government to release the Patriarch for humanitarian reasons,” said Fr. Athanasius Ghebre-Ab, and Eritrean Orthodox priest in the US and an academic. Continue reading “Pray for the Release of Patriarch Antonios of Eritrea”

Cele mai putin libere locuri din lume


Săptămânalul Foreign Policy publica pe 2 iulie un remarcabil fotoreportaj intitulat  “The Least Free Places on Earth”.

Vă invit să citiţi AICI textul scurt şi incisiv. Şi, mai ales, să vedeţi fotografiile extrem de relevante.

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