Episcopalians to church leaders: “Hold Israel accountable”

Prominent Episcopalians ask church leaders to enact resolution passed by General Convention

New York, January 18, 2013 – Prominent members of The Episcopal Church have written a letter to the church’s Executive Council to be delivered on the day honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., asking that they implement policies already approved by the church’s General Convention. These policies call for an accounting of Israel’s use of foreign aid from the U.S. government, and require that the church’s financial resources not be used to support the infrastructure of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories. The letter calls for “justice” and “truth,” not only seeking a just outcome for the Palestinian people, but asking “why is it that Congress and the White House are unable to see the injustice of the occupation, where Israel is the oppressor, and the Palestinians the oppressed?”

The signers point out that fifteen of The Episcopal Church’s ecumenical partners have already asked the Congress “for accountability of Israel’s use of foreign aid from the U.S. government, including the leadership of the Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, and United Church of Christ.”

The Episcopal Church has a long history of supporting causes of social import, and has been seeking justice for the Palestinian people for more than three decades. The signers of the letter are an ethnically diverse group of women and men that include laity, priests, and bishops. They are some of the church’s most recognized and seasoned advocates for justice. The letter is supported by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and its signers include a former Presiding Bishop and a former President of the House of Deputies, the dean of the National Cathedral, and several other nationally and internationally known Episcopalians.
The full text of the letter and background information can be downloaded at http://epfnational.org/PIN/a-prophetic-challenge-to-the-executive-council/ Continue reading “Episcopalians to church leaders: “Hold Israel accountable””