Malkhaz Songulashvili – Tales of Canterbury – 2 – The Enthronement

Enthronement of Archbishop Welby
Enthronement of Archbishop Justin Welby (photo, The Times)

Within a fortnight I was to see him being enthroned in St Augustine’s see in Canterbury.

On 21 March it was a bright and sunny morning in Canterbury. The population of that city had significantly grown because of the people who had come for the enthronement and people who came to make sure it went well without any incident. The narrow streets of the mediaeval city were packed with tourists, pilgrims and visiting clergy. Within a few minutes I started seeing familiar faces. The first person I bumped into was Metropolitan Kallistos, an elderly Orthodox writer and educator based in Oxford. Then, wherever I looked, there were familiar faces. I went to Marks and Spencer, not to shop but to make use of their toilet facilities, and there in the toilet I met the chair of the House of Laity of the Church of England, Tim Hind. The world is very small and in Canterbury it became even smaller. Continue reading “Malkhaz Songulashvili – Tales of Canterbury – 2 – The Enthronement”