NT Wright – Surprised by Scripture

NT Wright - Surprised by Scripture

I have just found out  from my friend Manu Rusu about an interview by Brendan Robertson on NT Wright’s latest book, to be going on sale on 3 June: Surprised by Scripture. Engaging Contemporary Issues.

Here is the beginning of it:

* * *

BR: The first question that we are all wondering is how in the world do you have time and the mental capacity to write so much? You just finished your huge books on Paul and less than a year later, here is another book. How do you do it?

NT: Silly question! I have been lecturing and teaching for many years. As you’ll see in the book, this is a collection of articles and lectures that I have done over quite a long period….

BR: In your new book – Surprised by Scripture – you tackle a number of very controversial topics for evangelicals and Christian in general. One major topic you address is the ordination of women. As far as I know, this is the first major publication that you’ve released that deals with this issue. Why did you feel the need to write about this issue now and why is this issue so important? Continue reading “NT Wright – Surprised by Scripture”

Protestant Accommodation by Martin E. Marty

Protestant Accommodation by Martin E. Marty.

Just a quote, to raise your interest in this text:

The heirs of Fundamentalism and other now-Evangelicals may have accommodated to other “worldly” influences—I’d list “the market” and “nationalism” etc.–but they held the line on many intellectual and cultural trends. Hollinger adds: mark the change in political power when, thanks to Civil Rights legislation, the Mainline mainly lost the South. He also points to the drastic demographic shifts beyond the move to the South. The change in immigration laws in 1965 robbed the northern “white-ethnic” liberal accommodators of their former hegemonic position. The election of Catholic John Kennedy was another symbol of this shift. Continue reading “Protestant Accommodation by Martin E. Marty”

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