Chris Rice on Recovering “Faith” in Faith-Based Organizations

Dr. Chris Rice - graduation

My friend Chris Rice, co-director of the Duke Divinity School Center for Reconciliation, has just received his DMin degree from Duke University. His thesis supervisors were my old friend Luke Bretherton and Craig Dystra.

His thesis, which I eagerly expect to read, touches on a very important topic for Christian FBOs, like the one I serve.

Here is a summary of the dissertation in PDF form.


Congratulations, Chris!


Seeing Hope, Even in North Korea | Duke Divinity School

Seeing Hope, Even in North Korea | Duke Divinity School.

This is a concise report of the recent trip that Chris Rice, from the Center for Reconciliation at Duke University in Durham, NC has made in North Korea.

You may also find, at the end of the article, a few relevant pictures from this trip.

Travelling for two weeks

I will be in the US – Durham, NC, and Chicago – in the next two weeks and I will not be able to access my blog on a regular basis. I hope you will be patient with me as moderating comments will take a little bit longer.

Also, as I tried to recover from the extremely tiring trip to the (not so) holy land, I has not able yet to write anything about that intriguing pilgrimage. I hope to have more time after the summer school at Duke University.

See you.

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