4th Annual Duke Summer Reconciliation Institute, May 28-June 2, 2012


I write to encourage you to slow down for a minute and consider a gift: take a close look at the upcoming 4th annual Duke summer reconciliation institute, May 28-June (April 1 application deadline). And pray on it, as this space is dangerously beautiful – based on past experience, I assure you these 6 days could change your life. Nearly 400 people have attended the institute the past 3 years, and we have seen this become a place of breakthroughs: personal, organizational, missional. The institute is not a conference for the many, but a place to go deep. It’s a space for 150 Christian leaders from across the U.S. and world to go deep in learning, community, reflection, renewal, and worship with a leading faculty of theologians and practitioners. A number of you I’m writing have attended before, and you know how unique and powerful this space is. Perhaps you should bring a team from your church or organization this year. I know cost is an issue for many of us. Scholarships are available, and I encourage you to apply for one. Continue reading “4th Annual Duke Summer Reconciliation Institute, May 28-June 2, 2012”

Chris Rice – 7 Lessons from a Post-Communist Landscape

In October 2011 Chris Rice and Gann Herman, from Duke Center for Reconciliation have visited Romania in a reconciliation tour. Then, together, we have visited Poland, aiming to understand what are the needs for reconciliation in post-communist lands.

In a recent blog post, Chris shares 7 lessons they have learned on this trip. Here they are:

Lesson 1:  The unfinished business of “post-communism”

Lesson 2:  Redemption must touch Russia

Lesson 3:  Intergenerational conflict and secularization Continue reading “Chris Rice – 7 Lessons from a Post-Communist Landscape”

Summary of Duke Summer Institute on Reconciliation

Summer school participants at worship      Chris Rice & Emmanuel Katongole – Co-chairs of the Center

Dear Summer Institute Faculty, Participants, and Volunteers,

Greetings from Durham! We at the Center for Reconciliation hope that all is well as you press on in your lives and ministries. We wanted to point you toward a few different things…

1) Duke Summer Institute is on Facebook! Check out the Center for Reconciliation’s page. If you are on Facebook, be sure to join the “Duke Summer Institute Community — 2011” page.
Continue reading “Summary of Duke Summer Institute on Reconciliation”

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