A View of Hell – 2016 Drone Aerial View of Homs, Syria

Trey Ratcliff – Bejing from Above

Tray writes: ‘I wrote a full story about this video and getting detailed by the Chinese police! Check http://www.stuckincustoms.com/2014/06… – I also have more about how I made the video, equipment, etc etc. This music is by the great Jon Hopkins. This song is called “A Drifting Up.”‘

Story of A Drone Killed Boy in Occupied Palestinian Territory

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs occupied Palestinian territory
On 20 June, 2012, the day he died, twelve-year-old Ma’moun Aldam called his parents, telling them how afraid he was of the drones in the sky. The family had wanted to build a storage room at their farm, and Ma’moun had offered to accompany the contractor to the location of the farm. After the contractor left, he stayed behind to wait for his parents.
Receiving his phone call, his parents rushed to the farm. They all sat under a tree to get some rest and shade. They did not anticipate any attacks from the overhead drones: “We were not armed. We are civilians. The trees in the farm were recently planted, so they are still small. Anyone could see from above that we were just civilians so we did not expect to be attacked.” Continue reading “Story of A Drone Killed Boy in Occupied Palestinian Territory”
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