Random Thoughts on My Canadian Friend Don Posterski – May God Rest Him in Peace!

Don Posterski

UPDATE: On Wednesday, June 13th, at 2pm, Toronto time, my dear friend Don Posterski went to be in glory with Christ and the saints. May he rest in peace!

I met Don for the first time in early 2000, just a few months after I joined World Vision, to work in the Middle East and Eastern Europe Region (MEER), as Director for Faith & Development (F&D – the sector of which Don was in charge in WVI, earlier called Christian Impact – CI, and then Christian Commitments – CC)). Soon after that, he invited me to join him in the WVI Commission on the Church, which, due to Don’s wisdom and his ability to lead a team of very diverse and hard headed members, was the most significant initiative in which I was involved in my 20 years in WV. I wish I had a picture from any of those significant meetings, but I do not. Therefore, I will try to compensate (over)illustrating other events.

Later that year, in October, I invited Don to join my team in Sinaia, Romania, for the first regional event of our sector, called the Christian Life Conference. There, the main speaker was Jim Houston, who taught on Christian Discipleship, while Don taught on building church partnerships, Tim Dearborn taught on witness to Jesus Christ and I taught on spiritual formation. It was a great event, which participants remember fondly, almost 18 years later. Again, Don gave the measure of his unique leadership style, by keeping himself in the background and encouraging others to serve with their gifts. (Again, sadly, I lost all pictures from that event.) Continue reading “Random Thoughts on My Canadian Friend Don Posterski – May God Rest Him in Peace!”

Don Posterski – JESUS AND JUSTICE: Living right while righting wrongs

Here is a preview of a book written by Don Posterski, a former World Vision colleague, who led my sector for a few years at the beginning of my NGO career. The book is due in March next year.

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Jesus’ mission is captured in a single vision with two dimensions.  His hope for a restored humanity envisions well being for people who are spiritually poor and people who are socially poor…  And in their midst, righteousness and justice mark the events of his days and nights… Jesus lives right and makes life right with others.

    1. Compassionate toward social outsiders

Lepers: Matt 8:1-3; Luke 17:11-19; Mark 1:40-44

  1. Protesting gender inequity

Women: Luke 10:38-42; Matt 9:19-26; John 20:11-18

  1. Embracing the excluded

Children: Luke 18:15-17; Matt 18:1-7 Continue reading “Don Posterski – JESUS AND JUSTICE: Living right while righting wrongs”