Giles Fraser – Can You Be Too Religious?

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I found this article in The Guardian extremely enlightening. Here is the comment I have put on my Facebook wall as I linked it:

One can be TOO religious, as many believers indeed are.
We have to remember that Jesus himself was not a very ‘religious’ man, according to the standards of any time, either his or ours. He was just ‘the human one’ (as the biblical ”son of man’ phrase could be very well translated). Much religion wants to do away with this and make him into an esoteric reality that has nothing to do with our common experience of humanity. That is the essence of the heresy of Docetism, which continues to haunt Christians for over twenty centuries.

Here is how the article begins:

When considering this question, note that Jesus himself was hostile to religiosity – and that fundamentalists suffer from a lack of faith. Continue reading “Giles Fraser – Can You Be Too Religious?”