Dianna E Anderson – John Piper, Spousal Abuse and Empowerment


I have spoken on this blog numerous times about the aberrations that abound lately in the public statements of the famous pastor and Bible teacher, John Piper, who started well and promised a lot, but lately became sort of a fundamentalist as he hardened in his stance as a promoter of the neo-reformed ideology.

Nowhere is his skewered version of Christianity more obvious that in his  position on the supposedly biblical requirement of absolute submission of wives to their husbands.

Dianna Anderson takes Piper to task on his still misogynistic reformulation of an outrageous statement he made four years ago about abused women, which was taken down from his website in the mean time.

Here is what Dianna has to say:

Four years ago, John Piper was asked a question in a video series about husbands abusing their wives and what the response should be to that. His infamous reply was taken down from the Desiring God website, though it is – of course – still widely available elsewhere on the internet, thanks to people making copies and transcripts. In this original post, he said that wives should “endure abuse for a season” and compared their abuse to Christ’s sacrifice for the husband’s well-being.

Three and a half years later, Piper has offered some “clarification” for those remarks. I’m guessing that suggesting a wife who gets beat up by her drunk husband is a martyr for Christ hasn’t gone over too well with a lot of people, and he felt explaining himself would put that discussion to rest. Continue reading “Dianna E Anderson – John Piper, Spousal Abuse and Empowerment”