30 Sept – Virtues in Society. A Symposium

The problem of the half-churched Christian – Christians, Conflict and Change

On the negative effects of the wafer-thin church commitment that characterizes many self-identified Christians.

Source: The problem of the half-churched Christian – Christians, Conflict and Change

David Gushee on half- churched Christians in America and how this impacts the way people live their lives or engage politically.

I think the same is quite true of Romania and other countries in Europe, at least in what evangelicals are concerned.

David Gushee’s Rules of Political Engagement for Clergy

Kiril & Putin

Us elections are drawing near, and such events are good opportunities for clerics to either get some advantages by getting ‘in bed with power’, or, alternatively, to examine their hearts and play the prophetic role to which God called them.

In a recent article published on his blog hosted by Religious News Service, American ethics theologian David Gushee suggests some rules for political engagement by clergy, in order to avoid being used as mere instruments in a dirty political game. Here they are: Continue reading “David Gushee’s Rules of Political Engagement for Clergy”

David Gushee – Reflecting on the contributions of Martin Luther King

Reflecting on the contributions of Martin Luther King.

Baptist ethics theologian David Gushee explains why he admires Martin Luther King jr.

David Gushee – A Tribute to Glen Stassen

Glen Stassen

My friend Glen Stassen died today (Saturday, April 26) in Pasadena. He was 78. But because he was born on Leap Day—February 29, 1936—Glen liked to joke that he was only 19. Until an aggressive cancer took his vitality over the last year, and finally his life, Glen as 78-going-on-19 was totally believable. It is impossible to believe that he has gone to be with Jesus.

There are only a small number of people beyond family who deeply affect the course of one’s life. Glen Stassen was one such person for me, perhaps the primary person outside my family who shaped who I am and what I have become. Having him gone makes me feel like an orphan.

I have written at length about Glen’s personal and professional journey in a festschrift in his honor for Perspectives in Religious Studies, the journal of the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion. But for those not privileged to know him, here is what I would want you to know in 900 words. Continue reading “David Gushee – A Tribute to Glen Stassen”

David Gushee in Romania

Afis Gushee Bucuresti

Atasez mai jos si afisul in format PDF. In curind va aparea o pagina web dedicata acestei prime vizite in Romania a acestui foarte important etician baptist din Statele Unite. Va vom tine la curent.

Afis Gushee Bucuresti

David Gushee – Rethinking that word “evangelical”


Evangelicalism is best understood as a global renewal movement within Christianity. An evangelical is someone with a passionate love for Jesus Christ, a commitment to the authority of the Bible, an embrace of some version of historic Christian orthodoxy, a desire to spread their faith through word and deed, and a hunger to see this world become what God intended it to be from the beginning. Evangelicals have included confessional Lutherans, ardent Calvinists, reformist Methodists, pacifist Anabaptists, liberationist African-Americans, and tongue-speaking Pentecostals, among many others.

There is no intrinsic reason why a theological-pietistic movement of this type should have a particular shared politics and certainly not a particular shared conservative politics in the US. Even a cursory tour of today’s global evangelicalism reveals all kinds of political affinities and activist commitments, as Pally argues in her essay. Continue reading “David Gushee – Rethinking that word “evangelical””