Darrell Jackson – Nationalism and Evangelical Mission: Issues for Evangelical Leaders

Darrell Jackson
Darrell Jackson

My friend Darrell Jackson has just published a very interesting article on the Lausanne Movement website, on nationalism, a theme of the greatest interest for me. Here is the entire article, for your evaluation.

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In 1861, the Rev James Adderley was a British Member of Parliament. His prayer for ‘national confession’ included the line, ‘We are truly sorry for all the past sins of this nation. We contemplate in deepest contrition the sins of which we are now guilty’.

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, recently attacked the state-funded broadcaster, ABC, for its coverage of allegations that Australia had been spying on the Indonesian Prime Minister. Abbot complained that the ABC ‘instinctively takes everyone’s side but Australia’s . . . you should not leap to be critical of your own country’. Journalists were left wondering whether their primary loyalty was to accurate reporting of the truth or to the national interest.

The contrast could not be more apparent. Continue reading “Darrell Jackson – Nationalism and Evangelical Mission: Issues for Evangelical Leaders”

europeankoala | Darrell Jackson’s blog

europeankoala | Just another WordPress.com site.

This is Darrell Jackson’s blog. Really worth browsing through, especially by those interested in missions and Europe.

‘Europeankola is written by the former Director of the Nova Research Centre, Darrell Jackson. He moved to Sydney from the UK in 2012 and continues blogging about European mission, taking a view from down under.

He’s a Baptist minister, a forty-something dad of two youngsters, married to Beth (also a baptist minister), and is now lecturing in Missiology at Morling College, Sydney.’

I suggest you start by reading his latest article on secularization in Europe.