Daniel Oprean – Theology of Participation: A Conversation of Traditions

Daniel Oprean – Theology of Particiation: A Conversation of Traditions

I just found out one year later (I have no idea how I missed the annoucement) that Langham Monographs has published the PhD of my friend Daniel Oprean, for which I was one of the supervisors, as it also deals with the theology of Dumitru Staniloae. Another excellent example of dialogical ecumenical theology. Well done, Daniel!

Here is the presentation of the volume as it appears on Amazon:

Baptists in Romania have developed a practice of suspicion when it comes to religious dialogue, especially with the Romanian Orthodox tradition, due to a history that is characterized by oppression. In this detailed study Dr Daniel Oprean paves the way for positive dialogue between the two traditions, highlighting that much can be gained and learned by acknowledging similarities and differences in key aspects of theology.

Dr Oprean explores how existing theological resources can be used to enhance theological discourse between Baptist and Orthodox traditions in Romania through in-depth analysis of the thought of British Baptist theologian, Professor Paul Fiddes, and Romanian Orthodox theologian, Father Dumitru Stăniloae. Oprean in particular looks at their understanding of trinitarian and human participation through perichoresis, the Eucharist, Christian spirituality, and baptism and chrismation. Presented as a conversation between the two traditions this study is a model for how theological and religious dialogue can facilitate reconciliation, not just in the church but also in wider society.

An Evangelical Introduction to the 2nd Edition of the Romanian Translation of ‘Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism’



In the spring of 1995 I was coordinating the academic research programme at what has now become the Emanuel University of Oradea. At the first scholarly colloquium which I organised in this role I had the providential opportunity to come to know the Revd Professor Stelian Tofana, of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Cluj, and since then we have maintained an especially close bond. This accounts for our decision to share the writing of a Romanian preface to the second edition of this work: Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism. We are united both by a common interest in Eastern theology and spirituality, which each of us approaches from his own perspective, and by our firmly held personal conviction of the pressing need for theological and ecclesial dialogue between the different Christian traditions in our cultural context.

Over the years we have been involved together in many activities which have put flesh on the bones of these shared convictions. We have participated in academic conferences both within Romania (in Oradea, Cluj, Bucharest and elsewhere) and abroad (including Bossey, in Switzerland, and Durres in Albania) that have been organised both by Evangelicals and by the Orthodox; we have contributed to the resulting publications of their proceedings; we have joined in organising the promotion of books relevant to this dialogue; we have collaborated in spiritually-oriented training sessions for the staff of World Vision (an organisation I have been working for since December 1999); we have each sought to make more widely known within our own constituency the treasures of thought and spirituality to be found in the tradition of the other – and, last but not least, we have often enjoyed table fellowship in one another’s homes, which has provided occasions to celebrate what unites us in spite of the specific differences which define each of our ecclesial identities. Continue reading “An Evangelical Introduction to the 2nd Edition of the Romanian Translation of ‘Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism’”

Un nou pastor la Biserica Baptistă Cetatea ALBA IULIA: Daniel Oprean | Istorie Evanghelica

Un nou pastor la Biserica Baptistă Cetatea ALBA IULIA: Daniel Oprean | Istorie Evanghelica.

Iata, asa mai aflu si eu ce se mai intimpla cu prietenii mei.

Felicitari, Daniel Oprean!

Miroslav Volf – Doctor Honoris Causa in Osijek, Croatia


Last week I had the privilege of participating in Osijek, Croatia, in a ceremony organised by the Evangelical Theological Faculty (ETF), in which Professor Miroslav Volf, from Yale University, received the title of Doctor honoris causa. ETF is Volf’s alma mater and the place where he began his career as a professor of theology. Miroslav Volf is probably the most prominent Protestant theologian born in Eastern Europe. Continue reading “Miroslav Volf – Doctor Honoris Causa in Osijek, Croatia”

Lansare de carte – Daniel Oprean, Comuniune şi participare

Dragi prieteni ai Centrului Areopagus,

Vă semnalăm apariţia cărţii

Comuniune şi participare: Reflecţii teologice cu privire la dimensiunea spirituală a existenţei

Lansarea oficială va avea loc luni, 13 iunie 2011 de la ora 14:00 în prezenţa autorului Daniel G. Oprean, invitat special fiind reputatul teolog, prof. univ. dr. PETER KUZMIČ. Moderatorul evenimentului va fi conf. univ. dr. MARCEL V. MĂCELARU.

Întâlnirea va avea loc la sediul Centrului Areopagus din Calea Martirilor 104, Timişoara.

Vă invităm să participaţi la acest eveniment de excepţie împreună cu toţi cei interesaţi.

Vă mulţumim.

Centrul Areopagus. Continue reading “Lansare de carte – Daniel Oprean, Comuniune şi participare”

Areopagus Timisoara – Intilnire a cercului teologic

Dragi prieteni,

Sambata, 4 decembrie 2010, orele 13.00 – 15.00, va invitam la un cerc teologic pe tema

“Markerii identitari ai comunitatilor crestine contemporane”.

Invitatul nostru, drd. Daniel Oprean, ne propune urmatoarele intrebari pentru discutie: Continue reading “Areopagus Timisoara – Intilnire a cercului teologic”

Tableta spirituala la Radio Timisoara

István Kallós, redactor la Radio Timisoara, realizeaza saptaminal emisiunea ‘Tableta spirituala‘. Acum emisiunea are propriul ei site internet, unde pot fi ascultate toate cele 137 de editii inregistrate pina in prezent.

Iata cum este descris acest proiect de catre realizatorul sau: Continue reading “Tableta spirituala la Radio Timisoara”

Raportul Simpozionului Calvin de la Areopagus

Asa cum anuntam AICI, in data de 4 decembrie a avut loc la Timisoara, in organizarea Centrului Areopagus, un Simpozion Calvin.

Redau mai jos raportul acestui eveniment academic, formulat de Dr. Emil Bartos, unul dintre initiatorii conferintei si moderatorul acesteia. Continue reading “Raportul Simpozionului Calvin de la Areopagus”

Dimensiunea interconfesionala a reconcilierii


Centrul Areopagus din Timisoara organizeaza luni 26 octombrie 2009, orele 19-21 o intilnire a cercului teologic, cu tema “Dimensiunea interconfesionala a reconcilierii”, avind ca principal invitat pe Pr. Steliam Tofana, Profesor de teologie biblica la Universitatea Babe;-Bolyai din Cluj. Alaturi de moderatorii acestei intilniri, Dr. Corneliu Constantineanu si Drd. Daniel Oprean, voi incerca sa ofer perspectiva protestanta asupra temei aflate in discutie.

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