NT Wright – Kingdom & Cross: The Forgotten Message of the Gospels

Howard Snyder – Prayer for Friday – A New Vision of the Cross

Lord God of truth, justice, and love, I thank you for the deep meaning of the cross demonstrated in the shocking death and glorious resurrection of Jesus. O Lord, help me to live this day as a true disciple of Jesus, and to learn more fully the meaning of the cross for me, for your church, and for your kingdom, I pray. Amen.

From Bondage to the Desert – 1.6 The Theology of Glory vs. the Theology of the Cross – 3

1.6.3 Suffering as Identification with Christ

Christians should not consider persecution as a tragedy, painful as it may be, but as an honour. The Bible talks in glorious terms about the suffering of Christians, viewed as a form of identification with the cross of Christ (Rom. 8:17; Col 1:24).

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Surveying the Wondrous Cross

El Greco – Christ Carying the Cross

Google the words atonement and emergent church together, and your computer screen will soon heat up a few degrees. A lively (and not always civilized) debate has broken out among those who defend classical theories of the Atonement and those who see them as some variation of the caricature Dorothy Sayers drew 60 years ago:

God wanted to damn everybody, but his vindictive sadism was sated by the crucifixion of his own Son, who was quite innocent, and, therefore, a particularly attractive victim. He now only damns people who don’t follow Christ or who have never heard of him.

Since Jesus’ death nearly 2,000 years ago, theologians such as Origen, Anselm of Canterbury, Peter Abelard, and John Calvin have proposed ways of understanding it: as a Ransom paid to Satan, a Satisfaction required by God, a Moral Influence for humanity, a Penal Substitution for the punishment due to humankind. Some of these theories, referencing animal sacrifices and God’s wrath, can make for a hard sell for many in modern

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