Women and the Creed: “For Us Humans and for Our Salvation” – Public Orthodoxy

Source: Women and the Creed: “For Us Humans and for Our Salvation” – Public Orthodoxy

An Orthodox case for the use of inclusive language in the translation of the CReed. Remarkable.

No Creed but the Bible?

Scot McKnight on Jesus and orthodox faith in the 21st century

Source: No Creed but the Bible?

I fully agree with Scot McKnight, when he says: ‘…there is no such thing as a creed-less Christian. Everyone puts things together, and that putting together becomes “creedal” the moment it filters what we read in the Bible into a pattern of thinking about the Bible. Sorry folks there is only one option: affirm the creeds of the church or affirm your own creed. But either way you’ve got a creed.’

So, no Creed, no faith; and a useless Bible.

Petra – Creed

Since I shared yesterday a musical creed, here is a famous one, from the well kn own rock band Petra, a favourite of my kids.

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This I Believe

We all need creeds. Evangelicals thought they don’t, but more and more of them are rediscovering the value of creeds.

Here is an example of creed put to music, by the Hillsong church in Kiev. Enjoy!

(Thanks to my friend Raluca Muntean for this link.)

What did the Creed do to the early Christian beliefs about Jesus?

What did the Creed do to the early Christian beliefs about Jesus?.

Scot McKnight continues his series on NT Wright’s new book on Paul with some comments on Wright’sposition on the creedal dimension of faith, as rooted in Hebrew, not just Greek thinking.

Since the creedal and historical rootedness dimension of the faith is one of the reasons that prompted me to join Anglicanism this interests me to the highest degree.

I wonder what my friend Dr. Eugen Matei thinks about this, as he explores the place of creeds in the history of the Baptist faith(s).

Richard Rohr – “New Fundamentals” Are a Contradiction in Terms

In recent years and elections one would have thought that homosexuality and abortion were the new litmus tests of authentic Christianity. Where did this come from? They never were the criteria of proper membership for the first 2000 years, but reflect very recent culture wars instead. And largely from people who think of themselves as “traditionalists”! (The fundamentals were already resolved in the early Apostles’ Creed and Nicene Creed. Note that none of the core beliefs are about morality at all. The Creeds are more mystical, cosmological, and about aligning our lives inside of a huge sacred story.) When you lose the great mystical level of religion, you always become moralistic about this or that as a cheap substitute. It gives you a false sense of being on higher spiritual ground than others. Continue reading “Richard Rohr – “New Fundamentals” Are a Contradiction in Terms”

St. Patrick’s Creed

sf.patrick - final

Because there is no other God
nor ever was nor will be in future days,
other than God who is unbegotten Father,
without beginning,
yet from whom is all beginning
and who holds all things in being
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Rich Mullins – Creed

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