Courtney Bailey Parker – Fallen Angels? Christians and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Sexuality remains a very contentious matter in evangelicalism, as, we have to admit, is the case in other Christian traditions. Of course, nobody can deny that we live at a time of over sexualisation, even of little girls, to such an extent that media, both religious and secular is constantly warning about the serious consequences of this phenomenon. However, many evangelicals respond to this social pathology with pudibond (i.e. ‘prudish’, if you want) reactions that are reminiscent of neo-Platonism, and have no connection to Christian anthropology and the proper biblical understanding of human sexuality, which is not rooted in the fall (and, thus, inherently evil), but in the perfect plan of God for a humanity that bears, be it in ‘broken vessels’, his perfect image.

In a recent extremely well written article done for Her.meneutics, the Christianity Today‘s blog for feminine matters, Courtney Bailey Parker, a a PhD student in English at Baylor University with a concentration in Early British Literature, who blogs HERE, discusses the manifestations and implications of this distorted view of human sexuality.

I paste below a few quotes from this excellent text.

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I never gave much thought to the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show—which airs Tuesday on CBS—until the broadcast a few years ago, when my college students came to class buzzing about a new catchphrase their classmates coined: I’d rather marry a Proverbs 31 woman than a Victoria’s Secret model. It became an overnight sensation on social media.

These students went on to launch the Live31 Movement, encouraging women to live out the characteristics of the virtuous wife in Proverbs 31 and promoting their cause with T-shirts and hashtags. Like most online campaigns, Live31 fizzled fairly quickly, but the dichotomy the campaign endorsed—the Proverbs 31 wife vs. the Victoria’s Secret model—has stuck with me over the past few years. Why was it so easy to come up with that, to position the Victoria’s Secret model as the perfect foil to the Proverbs 31 woman? Continue reading “Courtney Bailey Parker – Fallen Angels? Christians and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show”