Thomas Keating – Centering Prayer & Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is a private devotion and while it’s useful to do it in common it was originally designed to be a private experience or encounter with the scriptures. View transcript in PDF form HERE.

Thomas KeatingThomas Keating

Richard Rohr – Some Contemplative History

The contemplative mind is really just the mind that emerges when you pray first instead of think first. Praying opens the field and moves beyond fear and judgment and agenda and analysis, and just lets the moment be what it is—as it is.

We really have to be taught that mind now. It was systematically taught—mostly in the monasteries—as late as the thirteenth and even into the fourteenth century. Plus agrarian, suffering, uneducated, and non–media-saturated people probably learned contemplation much more naturally. But once we got into the oppositional mind of the Reformation and the rational mind of the Enlightenment, the contemplative mind pretty much fell by the wayside. Continue reading “Richard Rohr – Some Contemplative History”