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Source: Science, Truth, and the Current Political Climate | Public Orthodoxy

This is a very important discussion in the context in which, in majority Orthodox countries, includng Romania, the structural conservatism of Orthodoxy is usually also associated with an anti-science stance, very similar to the one that dominates much of conservative evangelicalism, not just in the United States, where it could be explained by their blind allegiance to the Trump madness, but in many other places, especially in the West.

Richard Rohr – The Way of ‘Kneeling’

(You may find out HERE a few details about the life of  14th century mystic Julian of Norwich.)

Feast of Lady Julian of Norwich

At this time in history, the contemporary choice offered most Americans is between unstable correctness (liberals) and stable illusion (conservatives)! What a choice! It has little to do with real transformation in either case. How different from the radical orthodoxy of T. S. Eliot, who can say in Little Gidding,

You are not here to verify,
Instruct yourself or inform curiosity
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Decline in Conservative Churches

Until recently, the vulgata of those on the right side of the theological spectrum was that conservative churches are growing numerically (precisely because of their conservative stance), while the moderate or liberally inclined churches decline steadily (precisely and simply because of their more  liberal stance. Never mind the numerical growth of some cults or of those streams of the charismatic movement promoting the heretical ‘prosperity gospel’. As the saying goes, ‘don’t bother me with facts; I have already made up my mind’.

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