Roger Olson – Is there hierarchy in the Trinity?

Roger Olson

Professor Roger E Olson (who, by the way, resembles surprisingly to my father) has just published on his blog (thanks to Scot McKnight for the link) a very well written article (first in a series) on the present debate in American evangelicalism on subordinationism within the Trinity.

For those who are not familiar with this dispute, complementarians try to argue that women’s subordination to men, by divine design, parallels the eternal subordination of the Son (and the Holy Spirit) to the authority of the Father. Continue reading “Roger Olson – Is there hierarchy in the Trinity?”

Egalitarians vs. Complementarians

I like reading Scot McKnight’s Weakly Meanderings (see HERE the latest one). I always find a few very interesting links.

This week’s most interesting ones for me have to do with the complementarian vs. egalitarian debate.

Rachel Stone, who writes for Her.meneutics, the Christianity Today blof on women issues, shared with us recently two interviews she took on this issue.

The first to be interviewed was egalitarian theologian William Webb, now an adjunct professor at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, Canada’s largest evangelical seminary, after he was forced to resign from a tenure position at another evangelical school, because of his egalitarian views. Here is the first part of this interview: Continue reading “Egalitarians vs. Complementarians”