An Orthodox Introduction to the 2nd Edition of the Romanian Translation of ‘Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism’ – 3


In terms of events that have given concrete expression to the concern for dialogue between Orthodox and Evangelicals in Romania, a number of initiatives may be mentioned.

In 2009, the Babes-Bolyai University, through the Centre for Lifelong Learning, the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, the Centre for Biblical Studies, World Vision International and the Iasi-based Adoramus publishing house, held a conference at Cluj-Napoca with the title The Paschal Mystery and the Liturgical Life of the Church, at which Dr Bradley Nassif, professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at North Park University, Chicago, was an invited speaker.

The conference was followed by the launching of the Romanian translation of the book Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism. Three Perspectives. Those who spoke on this occasion were Professor Nassif, Dr Danut Manastireanu and the Revd Professor Stelian Tofana. All three speakers stressed, in their addresses, the book’s significance for non-official theological dialogue between Orthodox and Evangelicals in Romania.

Following these two events, and on the same day, there was also a round-table discussion on the subject “Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism. Perspectives in Dialogue”, which took place at the university staff club. Those who attended this discussion were priests and teachers from the Cluj-Napoca Faculty of Orthodox Theology and a number of Evangelical pastors and believers from Cluj and from other Romanian cities. Continue reading “An Orthodox Introduction to the 2nd Edition of the Romanian Translation of ‘Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism’ – 3”

Cairo, 10 august 2011 « Synesis

Cairo, 10 august 2011 « Synesis.

Ci[rian Terinte, aflat la o conferinta academica la Cairo,  impartaseste cite ceva din lucrurile noi pe care le-a aflat despre crestinii din Orientul Apropiat.

Un nou academic evanghelic – Dr. Ciprian Terinte

Dr. Ciprian Terinte

Dr. Ciprian Terinte (al patrulea de la stânga la dreapta), alături de Pr. Stelian Tofană,
Dr. John Tipei, IPS Laurenţiu Streza (la stânga fotografiei), plus Pr. Vasile Mihoc
şi Pr. Dumitru Abrudan (la dreapta fotografiei)

Emanuel Conţac anunţă pe blogul său că colegul lui de catedră la Institutul Teologic Penticostal din Bucureşti, Ciprian Terinte a susţinut cu succes şi a primit cum laude, titlul de Doctor în teologie, la Facultatea de teologie ortodoxă “Andrei Şaguna” din cadrul Universităţii “Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu. Sincere felicitări!

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