Justin Long – Global Diagram 3: Growth in Population and Christianity, AD 1910-2010

Global Diagram 3 - Growth in population and Christianity, AD 1910-2010

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Counting to One and the Evangelical Demon of Numbers

Mark Galli was joking on Facebook when he announced his latest article as being written by one of his favourite authors.

The few friends who read this blog regularly know how much I like the articles written by Mark Galli, from Christianity Today, and that I am not joking about it.

His latest text deals with the pathological obsession with numbers shared by most Evangelicals. The argument is simple. Liberal churches are in decline (numerically), while conservative churches are growing (numerically). Who’s better then? The answer is obvious and worryingly self-gratifying. Nevertheless, the latest figures seem to contradict this vulgata of the good Evangelical. Which offers Galli an excellent opportunity for another great article.

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Martin Marty – On Romanticising Church Growth in Africa

Sightings 7/5/10

Christianity Going South

— Martin E. Marty

Sightings authors often comment on religion in the United States rather than “the rest of the world,” but through the years have shown regularly how artificial or at least permeable such geographical distinctions are when it comes to religion.  Philip Jenkins, Mark Noll, Lamin Sanneh, and others reveal the same, with important books on what Jenkins calls “The Next Christendom” and Noll describes as “The New Shape of World Christianity: How American Experience Reflects Global Faith.”  They see the Christian population “going South.”  In American slang, “going south” means going down to an inferior position.  But in demographic terms, the capital “S” signals going up, as the masses of Christians are doing, while Christian power slides from Europe and North America to Africa, Latin America, and other points South.

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